Christmas Is Here Again

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This past holiday season, I watched an animated film by the name of Christmas Is Here Again for the first time.   It is the story of a little girl in an orphanage who feels alone and unwanted.  This is also a time when young kids do not know Santa Claus.  You see, Santa has stopped making his Christmas rounds.  The reason for this, as we come to discover as the story progresses, is that Santa’s magical sack has been stolen.  For Christmas to ever resume, his sack has to be returned.

The little girl has the unusual name of Sophiana and is voiced by Madison Davenport.  Early on she makes friends with Mister Caterpillar, and I have to say I love their relationship.  What is especially neat is what happens toward the end of the movie when Mister Caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  It is just beautiful and tells the story of life in a harmonious and joyful way.  I really love the caterpillar pieces of the tale.

The voices are all well done.  This is, on the whole, an excellent collection of vocal talents.  Santa Claus was voiced by Andy Griffith, while Shirley Jones as Victoria Claus.  Their animated renderings were right on as well.

The villain of the story, Krad, was brought to life by Edward Asner.  Then there was the awesome Kathy Bates, who was perfect as sometimes unsympathetic Miss Dowdy at the orphanage.  Bates had the perfect tonal qualities for this character.

Colin Ford brought to life a reindeer named Dart, and this is actually my only criticism of the piece.  No, it is not Dart but what Dart represented.  This show was somewhat of a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer story in that it dealt with misfits to an extent.  They even mention Rudolph at the beginning and that is what made it upsetting to me.  Having already had that mention of Rudolph, the elves make fun of Dart wanting to pull Santa’s sleigh.  That was atrocious to me.

Other than that, there is a bit of a predictable ending, but that is what animated tales like this one are all about.  It is a good story.


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