A Christmas Kiss

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A bit belatedly, I watched a bunch of holiday movies this year.  These are the ones that typically make the rounds on the Hallmark Movie Channel or the Lifetime Movie Network.  These are not intended to be great masterpieces, but just holiday fare for an evening without any long lasting appeal.  Such is the case with A Christmas Kiss, a movie that was okay, but had little to stay with you as time goes by.

In fact, this is actually a variation of Working Girl with a dab of Cinderella tossed in, and once you figure that out about A Christmas Kiss, you know the whole story.  The problem is that you figure that out within the first 8 minutes of the movie, so there is not a lot left to the imagination.

The star of the movie is Elisabeth Röhm, who I know chiefly from a movie called Desperate Escape, in which she did a lot of gasping opposite Michael Shanks.  Fortunately, she decided not to gasp much in this role.  She has the Sigourney Weaver role from Working Girl.  About the only difference is that instead of breaking a leg, she hurts her nose.

In the Melanie Griffith role is Laura Breckenridge, playing a character named Wendy Walton.  Wendy is stuck in the assistant’s role, when she has the talent to be out on her own.  Like in Working Girl, she trusts her boss (Röhm), who ends up using Wendy’s designs as her own.  No surprise here because as I said, in only takes eight minutes or less to know this story.

Since Harrison Ford could not reprise his Working Girl role, that went to Brendan Fehr.  He plays Adam Hughes, who has yet to pop the question to Röhm’s Priscilla Hall, but she is working on it.

The title comes from a kiss that happens between Wendy and Adam in an elevator very early on in the movie.  This is the Cinderella element because Wendy is dressed up with sparkles, which is somehow supposed to explain why Adam does not recognize her as his girlfriend’s assistant.  I guess we are supposed to buy that the same way that no one recognizes that Clark Kent is Superman.

There is zero surprise in this movie, and frankly, it is just boring.  Röhm is very strong, but she cannot carry a movie that has no originality.


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