Cars 2 Blu-Ray And Dvd Set

This review is for the Cars 2 Blu-Ray and DVD set.  There are currently a minimum of five different combinations of Cars 2 offerings, so it is important to take note of which set is being reviewed here.  This is a two disk set, one that is Blu-Ray and one that is a regular DVD.

There is a cardboard holder that the case slips into.  The images and layout of the front and back covers are essentially the same as what is on the case.  The front cover features the adorable Lightning McQueen in the forefront, along with images of Mater and a couple of other cars behind him.  The back cover has a small color shot from the movie and a large write up.  Compared to many other cases I have, this one is fairly strong and is a made of a colorful blue plastic.

Disk one is the Blu-Ray disk and the regular DVD is on disk two.  The disk artwork has the same image on both, but is slightly rearranged in the layout.  Both disks have the movie and the same extras, but the Blu-Ray is presented in high definition.

This was my first Blu-Ray DVD and I must say, so what?  I didn’t really see all that much exciting, but I suppose it’s just me.  Or maybe I just frustrated by the layout.  Specifically, let’s talk annoying with the beginning of this movie.  First, you have to go through this language setup thing, even if you’ve already watched the movie.  Second, there are previews that you have sit through or go to the DVD disk menu to get around.  Third, even if the movie started, instead of just automatically resuming, you have to respond to a box that states you’ve already started the movie and do you want to resume or start over.  Egads, just play the movie like all the other disks in the world do.  I was so frustrated by this.  This is on both the Blu-Ray and regular DVD versions. I watched both.

The Hawaiian Vacation short was adorable.  It was a Toy Story cartoon, one that follows the events of Toy Story 3, which was not my favorite movie.  This focused on Barbie and Ken’s first kiss.  I just thought it was a lot of fun.

There is another cartoon (Air Mater) plus director’s commentary.  The commentary makes me feel sorry for the director because he was so excited about his idea for this movie and the opening, and the opening is one of the worst parts of the picture in my opinion.  My view is the polar opposite of his, so it was weird listening to him talk about the beginning of the picture.

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