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When you talk about the DVD for Cars or its sequel, Cars 2, you always have to be careful that you are discussing the correct product as there are several versions on the market.  This review is truly for the basic Cars DVD, a single disk offering of the movie that also contains a handful of extras.

The DVD case has a great cover artwork with Lightning McQueen up front and our favorite Radiator Springs residents in the upper portion of the picture. Then the back cover has more images with the write up about the movie and the disk.  The disk artwork is adequate with Lightning and Mater on each side, but it could be better.  I would have hoped for something a bit brighter, for example.

There is a small booklet inside that is more of a guide than anything else.  It gives quick overview of a couple of the extras, individual pictures of the cars we love, and the scene index, but it is actually not complete.

Bonus features on the DVD are pretty fun, if not as plentiful as I would have liked.  They include two cartoons, Mater and the Ghostlight and One Man Band.  I do love the Ghostlight tale as there is nothing like a bit of fear and humor mixed together.

Some deleted scenes are included, which is always nice.

The DVD also has a great piece on the inspiration for the movie with John Lasseter.  I really liked Lasseter’s comments on how the film came to be and the trip the crew took on Route 66.  It was so interesting and even touching to hear his story.

The presentation is in widescreen so you get the full effect of the action.  Unfortunately, there is no commentary, and that is sorely lacking on this DVD release.  I do not understand why on such a popular movie as this, commentary was not done.  There is commentary on the sequel, which pales  next to this, so I am truly at a loss.  Still, I love the movie and am very happy to have it in my DVD library.


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