Cars, The Animated Movie

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In my opinion, Cars is a rip-roarin’ ride of animated fun that is great for the entire family.  It is actually a film I watch often.  It makes me laugh, and it brings on a lot of smiles.  We need movies like this that promote good things.

Cars is an incredibly wonderful adventure centering around a talented race car with a huge ego.  As a result, this marvelous racing car faces life alone with no friends at his side.  All this flamboyantly red Lightning McQueen wants in life is to be the next Piston Cup champion. He firmly believes he’s the best car ever, and he refuses to take advice from anyone, including the current and legendary champion, referred to as The King.

Heading for the big race in California that will decide the latest winner, McQueen’s hauler door opens, and out he goes.  In a flash, he realizes he is lost and takes off after the hauler.  Unfortunately, he follows the wrong big rig and soon ends up on the lonely Route 66, the forgotten highway of yesterday’s travel.

In the end, McQueen has to stay in the old, rotting community of Radiator Springs.  In spite of himself, he ends up becoming a car with feeling and more than a passion for winning.  His time there changes his mechanical life and send his pistons pinging as never before.

Bringing the cars to life are Owen Wilson, who is great with both smirking and vulnerable scenes, the awesome Paul Newman, who in his last professional work brought credibility to Doc Hudson, aka: the Hudson Hornet, and actual NASCAR talents, Richard Petty, Darrell Waltrip, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.  Also voicing a foreign car at the end is Formula One’s Michael Schumacher.

Adding to the joy of Cars is Route 66 itself.  The film really does present the highway in a positive light and explains for real how this once great route has become forgotten and bypassed with time.  The animators for Cars actually took a trip along Route 66 to get ideas for the picture, and I think that did wonders for the movie.

If you have kids, and even if you don’t, Cars is a movie that has to be watched.


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