Auntie Mame Dvd

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Considering the fun of the movie, it is really quite sad that the Auntie Mame DVD does not deliver with equal delight.  The movie is a standout vehicle for the comedic skill of Rosalind Russell, who plays the outrageous and unpredictable Mame Dennis. She ends up being charged with caring for her nephew, the young Patrick Dennis, originally portrayed by Jan Handzlik and then later by Roger Smith.  It is fun and hardy movie that deserved better treatment in this DVD release.

Even the front cover of the DVD case is lacking.  It is a very basic, blah cover that is mostly white with a strip like image of Rosalind Russell.  There is no charm in this cover and not a hint of the fun of the movie.  In truth, the back cover is much more appealing as it is vivid with 3 small pictures and a larger one of Russell and other stars like Forrest Tucker, who plays her eventual husband in Auntie Mame.  Even the actual DVD disk is better than the front cover.  It naturally features a picture of Russell, but the image has a red and starred background to give it some power and pizzazz.

Once again, this product comes in one of those flimsy DVD cases, the kind where you feel like if you apply the least bit of pressure, the thing will cave in.  I just hate that low regard for the DVDs.

There is at least something in the way of an extra here in that there is a music only audio track.  These are very popular with folks who really appreciate the musical scores of films.  Also included is the theatrical trailer as well as the trailer for Mame: The Musical, which stars Lucille Ball.  I am grateful for these little tidbits, but as I often say, with so much in the vaults of movie studios, I just do not understand why they do not add some really exciting extras for consumers to enjoy.  I suppose in these cases, I should just be grateful that the film has been released on DVD at all.


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