Natural Remedies for Curing Diverticulosis

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The term Diverticulosis is used to denote a disease of the colon in which the muscular wall gives way in place and allows the mucus membrane lining the large intestine to form pouches. These pouches are known as diverticula, a name which is derived from the word “diverted”. Decaying particles of food or faecal matter get logged in such places. This disease is most prominent in the middle aged and the elderly people.

The main symptoms of diverticulosis are constipation or diarrhea, bleeding and a pain in the lower side of the abdomen. Due to diverticula there may also be a formation of inflammatory masses which may result in obstructive symptoms that are similar to the carcinoma of the colon. In case of such complications surgical treatment becomes necessary.

Diverticulosis patients may also develop frequent anemia. All the essential B vitamins and folic acid from the food are grabbed by the bacteria present in diverticula caused by faecal matter and stagnant food which prevents these vitamins to reach the blood. This disease may also create other general and intestinal problems due to the increase of toxins generated by this condition.

Low residue diet of highly refined foods is the primary cause of diverticulosis. It is mainly a deficiency disease caused by the deficiency of high residue foods like unrefined, natural, whole and bulky foods. Another important cause of this disease is a high degree of mental tension. When there is high tension gas cannot be expelled normally and is forced against the intestinal walls. This may sometimes lead to the formation of diverticula and ultimately result is diverticulosis.

Nature Cure for Diverticulosis: Surgical procedure according to modern medical science for the removal of diverticula does not offer a permanent cure as a new diverticula may develop after the removal of older one. The best way to treat this disease is by the use of various natural methods.

The treatment should first aim at decreasing gas formation, improving digestion, resist the formation of diverticula by building stronger intestinal walls and relieve mental stress and tension building up in the body.

Diet also plays a major role in the treatment of this disease. More emphasis should be placed on high roughage diet consisting off whole grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Sprouted seeds and cooked cereals like brown rice, oats and millet are very beneficial.

There should be adequate intake of flax seeds, potatoes, buttermilk and yogurt daily in food. Small frequent meals should be taken by the patient instead of few large ones.

Foods such as tea, coffee, animal foods, refined and processed foods, condiments and pickles should be totally avoided by the patient suffering from diverticulosis.

If the disease is caused by constipation all the necessary steps should be taken to remove constipation by means of natural methods. For this purpose purgatives should be used. If the need arises a warm water enema should be administered for cleansing the bowels. In case of overweight persons a diet consisting of natural foods should be taken which aim at reducing weight.

Certain juices of vegetables have been found to be very effective in the treatment of diverticulosis. These include juices extracted from beet, carrot and green vegetables. Juices extracted from fruits such as apple, papaya, lemon and pineapple are also equally effective.

Use of bran is also considered beneficial in the treatment of diverticulosis. Two tablespoons of bran taken three times a day helps in keeping the stools soft and easy to pass. Bran may be added to a soup or taken with milk or water as it is difficult to eat dry bran.

Use of certain vitamins has also been found helpful in the treatment of diverticulosis. Such vitamins are Vitamin E which strengthens the muscles and B group vitamins which are essential to relieve mental stress and tensions. Vitamin C can also help greatly for removing the toxic wastes from the system. Certain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium are also required for the treatment of diverticula as they help to strengthen the nervous and muscular system and increase body resistance.

Thus we can say that natural treatments have been found to be very beneficial in the treatment and cure of diverticulosis and other related disorders.


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