The Trouble With Angels Dvd

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A wonderful film for the family to view is The Trouble with Angels, which is out on DVD, and that is what this review is centering on.  Unfortunately, the DVD is not as wonderful as the movie itself.

There is a bright image on the front cover of the DVD case featuring Hayley Mills and Rosalind Russell.  Mills is one of two teenagers in the movie who have been sent to a Catholic convent to attend high school.  The other main teenager who becomes Mills’ buddy is played by June Harding.  Together, they give the Mother Superior one heck of a time.  Russell excels in this role, showing the strength of restraint and the sorrow of loss as the movie progresses.  I really love this cover art just because it makes me smile.

The back cover of the DVD case has a vivid image with Russell, Mills, and June Harding on it, to go along with the write up about the movie and its plot.

The actual DVD disk is more of a silly mock up that doesn’t really match a scene in the movie.   I do not really like that.  I would rather have a solid picture of the stars than what we get here.

In addition, this is a somewhat flimsy case.  These days really strong DVD cases are rare.  So many are just slim plastic.  The problem is that just by holding the case, you feel like you could crush it or cave it in.  That is just so frustrating in my opinion.  These things are mass produced so it would not cost all that much to give the cases a bit more strength.

The Trouble with Angels DVD is presented as a full screen image and does include English subtitles, which many people do like to have on DVDs.  Sadly, there are absolute no extras included.  Mills has done commentaries for her Disney work so clearly, she should have been asked to do one here.  With the comedy aspects of the movie, I would think she would have a lot to say about the filming and working with Russell.



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