Cinderella Dvd (1957)

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I acquired the Cinderella DVD on a whim.  This is the one that was the original, presented as a live television special in 1957.  I had never seen it, but with Julie Andrews in the lead, I figured that it had to be worthwhile, and I was correct.  This Rodgers and Hammerstein show is available only in black and white as that is the only print known to be in existence, even though the still prints are in color.  Thus, the print is not pristine, but it is solid and very watchable.

One downbeat of the DVD is that the song selection option on the menu is really a scene selection one.  This is not a separate spot where just the songs are played, so that was very misleading in how the DVD is arranged and I admit to being a little disappointed with that.

The featurette on the production is interesting and includes comments from Julie Andrews, Jon Cypher, Edie Adams, and Kaye Ballard.  Having no knowledge of this performance, everything was new and intriguing for me personally.  All of the contributors were interesting to listen to.  I especially liked the bit about the song miscue that Cypher made during the show.

The DVD case is not the strongest of cases, but I’ve seen worse, that is for sure.  There is a lovely picture of Julie Andrews in her ball gown on the front while the back has the carriage and footmen along with a small inset of Andrews and Jon Cypher, along with the write up of the production.  As for the disk, it is close up of Andrews in the gown.

Also included is a nice tri-fold about the production with several photographs and information.

The DVD has an introduction by Andrews and behind the scene photo galleries and advertising tidbits.  Also included is The Ed Sullivan Show excerpt with Rodgers and Hammerstein which is really cool. It was the week before the live airing of Cinderella.  One directed the orchestra and the other spoke the lyrics to Do I Love You.

All in all, I do recommend this DVD.


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