A Guide For The Married Man Dvd

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I must admit that one of the reasons I love DVDs is for the extras.  I expect every DVD to have extras, and I feel cheated if they do not.  It certainly affects how much I am willing to pay for them.  With the A Guide for the Married Man DVD, it is one of those cheated situations.  There is so much that could have been added.  Unfortunately, with some older movies like this 1967 film is, unless it has some huge cult following or is considered a Hollywood classic, the issuing company does not always do much.  In this case, they offered very little in the way of extras, and I just consider that to be a great shame.

What the A Guide for the Married Man DVD does include is both the full screen and wide screen version of the film.  However, both presentations are on the same disk, with one on side A and the other on Side B which means this disk is just a plain silver and easily susceptible to damage.  I never do like it when disks are two-sided and then necessarily lack any artwork on them.  It really does not cost that much to make it a two DVD set and add a little quality to the overall product.

The front cover of the DVD case has a promotional shot of Matthau along with sexy images of Inger Stevens and another actress in the background.  Five of the stars who have cameos are also pictured in individual promo shots — Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Joey Bishop, Phil Silvers, and Jayne Mansfield.  Obviously, the issuer believes these are the ones most likely to sell the DVD.

The back cover has some scene pictures and another promotional image with Matthau and other stars like Robert Morse and Sue Ann Langdon, who plays one of the neighbors and ends up being pivotal at the very end of the film.

It is just sad that there are no extras at all on this DVD.  Still, I love the movie and am pleased to have it as part of my DVD collection.


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