Five Great Ipad Apps For Toddlers

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Among the many benefits of Apple´s line of iPads is how easy they are for toddlers to use. Even before the age of two, many children have an intuitive ability to operate basic functions on the Apple iPad. With thousands of apps designed specifically for young children, the iPad can provide your child with hours of enjoyment and education. Here are five iPad apps you need to check out for your child(ren).

1. Toddler Email

No, this is not an app for actual emails. Instead, your child will receive “emails” from such fictional characters as the Muffin Man, Little Bo Peep, and Old MacDonald. Each message will include a game or activity for your child to complete, often involving counting or number recognition.

2. Toddler Piano

Using visual cues, this app will teach your child to play basic notes on a virtual piano keyboard. For children who enjoy music, this app can be an introduction to a musical future.

3. Wood Maze Puzzle

While helping your child develop problem-solving skills, this app will require him or her to drag puzzle pieces through a virtual wooden maze to their destination. To accomplish the task, the child will need to choose the correct path and remove any obstacles that may block the way.

4. Preschool Memory Match

This iPad version of the classic memory matching game involves a child flipping over tiles to match the images on the other side. Because only two tiles can be flipped upward at any given time before turning back over, your son or daughter will have to rely on memory to complete the challenge. With four difficulty levels, your toddler can choose to use 12, 20, 30, or 100 tiles.

5. Kid´s Patterns

After being given a series of objects in a particular sequence, your child must determine which object should come next to continue the pattern. This app will teach your child to recognize patterns and to use logic to solve problems.

You can download these apps through the App Store on your iPad. With hundreds of new apps added daily, keep watching for new apps that can both entertain and teach your child.


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