Don’t be an INSECURE victim

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How is it like to be living in a life full of insecurities?

It’s like putting yourself in a bottomless pit. No one would ever dare to be your friend and everybody would really hate you for being so insensitive to others. Insecurity is described in the dictionary as “the anxiety you experience when you feel vulnerable and insecure”.Basically, most people who are experiencing this are those who who thinks that they can never have what others have. It might be in the form of material things,physical appearance,mental capabalities,talents etc., God has a purpose why he gave us these imperfect things we have right now though we expect perfect things from him. Remember that if things are perfect there’ll be no reason for you to ask for anything nor be thankful for something. Let’s be contented of what we have because everything that we have right now no matter how you say it’s imperfect or not it’s God’s gift to us and we should be thankful for it.

a true to life story:

I once lived a life full of pretensions because of my insecurities. At first i thought it was just okay to feel like you pity yourself and stuff but then by and by i became more irritable and moody because of what i feel. It didn’t gave me a good life though. I almost lost my fiance because of my insecurity and that will never happen again. The most painful thing that insecurity gave me was when my oppurtunity to finish my course (bachelor of science in nursing) was taken away from me because someone got mad at me and told my sponsor to stop my shcolarship. Now, it’s hard for me to go back to school because of my financial situation. But im happy to say that truly your experiences in life is the greatest teacher. So, for you out there who is insecure about theirselves or insecure to others. Stop it! Remember you have more important things to face than be being inscure and get totally lost.


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