How I Fall In, Out And In Love Again With Factoidz

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I joined on January 21, 2010. That is exactly 2 years ago today.  Although I signed up and joined on the abovementioned date, I did not submit any article for a period of almost 3 months. I did not submit any article for almost 3 months because I wanted to carefully observe and study how things work on this writing site.

Aside from this, the very reason why I did not submit any article immediately and actively on is due to my principle in life that “you can’t serve two masters at the same time”.  During the time I joined I was too busy to my “first love” where all my online writing experiences started.

During such time, I am not yet ready, like any newly born infant to leave his mother.   

After almost 3 months of keen observations and careful studies about this writing site, I finally decided to submit my very first article to, on April 18, 2010. My very first submission to was entitled “The Essentials and Many Uses of Starch”. it wasn’t a hit but it gained more than 2 thousand views.

After 3 days, I submitted my 2nd article for entitled “The World’s Largest Consumers”. Gladly, it was a hit gaining more than 10 thousand views. Since that day, I fell in love with  and I started submitting more and more articles at least every other day to the site.

In addition, I started to earn few dollars from all the articles I submitted to and after a short period of time, I was averaging $80 a month. Everything was doing well, then suddenly after almost 13 months of continuously submitting articles, something went wrong.

Humbly, all my submitted articles gained thousands of views except for one. As a fact to the matter, after submitting around 130 articles, I gained more than 600 thousand views. I really don’t know the reason why all of a sudden an article I submitted some times in May 2011 was rejected. I tried to republish that particular article after some revisions but failed again to attain approval. I was so disappointed but it did not make me lose faith. I keep submitting still, although some were rejected by editors, I still tried to submit some.

I thought the very reason why suddenly some of my articles were being rejected was due to technical updates and system upgrades by Finally, after submitting my article entitled “Interesting Facts About Lapu-Lapu: The First Filipino Hero” on May 18, 2011, I fall out of love to and decided not to submit any article again.

From that time on, I never submitted any article for a period of more than 7 months.

On December 20, 2011, I finally decided to start re-publishing to after I noticed that Factoidz.admin restored my previous level as Staff Writer in which I was deprived for no apparent reason. On this very day, I started to fall in love with again. As redundantly said many times by others (lol)… I fall in love again once more for the second time around with

Last December 2011, although I submitted about 12 articles only, I earned $170. For the month of January 2012, I have already earned $286 after publishing 50 articles. One good thing about is that they pay you in advance for every article that you submit which is based on the total views you are making. The more views you make, the higher they pay you. Currently, I’m averaging $5 per article. And of course, the more articles you submit, the more you earn.

So what are you waiting for?!  Start publishing or keep publishing now on Right now, I am so in love “AGAIN” with JUST CLICK THIS LINK AND START TO EARN DOLLARS.


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