Business Marketing Course -Part 2- Hook Tons of Customers

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So, here’s part 2 of — could changing your business model make boosting your income more fun and much more profitable.

If you’re considering a business marketing course, this is a quick tip that could help you generate an avalanche of even greater income than you ever expected, and a ton more fun by using an often-overlooked procedure.
In the first video, I talked about how almost every business marketing course
focuses on techniques to help you bring you customers. But most do not show you how, by slightly altering your business model itself, you could cause
an avalanche of business and success… and fun.
Here are a few more examples to get your ideas flowing.
Martin Hansford was a struggling artist, practically begging to get people to hire him. Once he used his talent for himself, by creating the initial Where’s Waldo
children’s book – where you have to find THIS guy hidden in this huge crowd – his fortunes dramatically changed.

Suddenly, making a living became really easy. Not only was the money flowing in, but other people were approaching him wanting to pay him a licensing fee for the right to use his Where’s Waldo image and concept.
Now for some strange reason this business model concept is something a typical business marketing course doesn’t cover, when it can be so valuable.

William Wrigley was selling women’s jewelry. To get people to listen to him,
he offered a free pack of chewing gum. He quickly discovered that more people were interested in the gum than the jewelry. Because he had an open mind,
he realized that gum was probably a better business to be in than jewelry.
Today the Wrigley’s chewing gum company is one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. But it all started with his willingness
to change his business model.

My uncle had a small t-shirt and promotional items company, trying to get schools and businesses to print their name on promotional items that he offered. Then he got a bright idea. Why not work a deal where he gets the exclusive right
to make licensed products for schools – like t-shirts and products with the school’s mascot and school names on them.
Once he did this, his income skyrocketed. Later he even got the rights to sports teams, and his income grew even more. He basically went from begging people to use his service, to walking into stores and shops having something they already wanted to buy. And when they ran out, they were willing to buy even more from him.

There are many powerful ways to transform your business model – that a typical business marketing course will not show you… which could dramatically simplify your ability to make money. Often, all it takes is a little “thinking outside-the-box.”
So, is this something you’ve considered? How could you dramatically change your business model?


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