Students, College Life, And Education

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Really Cool ~ all that studying.Don’t lots of students really have a really cool life? I think many of them do; whether they’re in college, in a university, or a student of the lessons that life experience has to offer, I believe being a student is something that may really great. At college or university, for example, throughout the day, quite a few students are taking some classes or courses at whatever college or university they’re attending. In class, they may be studying, attending lectures by various faculty (professors, instructors, adjuncts, etc.) and all the while, they are concentrating.

Now, concentrating is easy for some, a bit more difficult for others. Regardless, they are likely “trying to concentrate.” They’re concentrating on the topics at hand, the subject matter, and what’s being conveyed by the teachers. When evening rolls around, those students may begin to study the notes they took during the day. I don’t meant to make it sound like students do nothing but study; of course they do other stuff, but I am trying my best to um… “Concentrate!” And concentrate on students, studying, and college life is what I’ll do here. Anyway, back to the studying… Students may be reviewing the notes they took during the day, and doing whatever assignments they’ve been given.

The college and university students may even be studying their textbooks, if they are supposed to be doing that. Obviously, there will be some textbooks that are brand new, never ever been opened, and some textbooks may have been used by other students (“used textbooks”). Quite a few used textbooks have come from other students whom, for whatever reason, decided to sell textbooks after they were done using them. Some of these used books could have been purchased online, or from the student’s campus bookstore. So in the evening, some students may be reading their text books, studying their notes, and trying to remember all they’ve learned that day.Just Summarizin’ ~ (I’m being cool, now).

To summarize, here’s what I think a number of students do: during the day, lots of students attending university may be taking their courses (attending class), and in the evening, thinking about what they learned that day, and possibly reviewing notes and reading college textbooks, and other books. If you think about it, isn’t there a really big amount of teaching and instruction that happens at universities and colleges? The various faculty (and books and classes and courses) all may contribute to a good learning environment — this may be where lots of learning can happen, lots of knowledge can be acquired, and remembered (here’s a cool word: internalized). This internalized knowledge can be helpful for the future. Learning about topics such as art, math, science, college physics, drama, english, history, and chemistry may quite possibly be very useful later in life. (There’s lots and lots more topics, too numerous to mention here, but hopefully I’ve conveyed the idea about the variety of subjects that can be learned in college).Some Thoughts Really Are Interesting ~ maybe…After students finish the courses and classes they’ve been attending at college or university, they may either take some more courses, graduate, or follow a other courses in life. But, you know what I think? I think even after students finish college, the learning never stops. Every moment, every experience in life may have the possibility to convey more knowledge. Here’s an interesting thought: while knowledge acquired from past education may be helpful in the present moment, the intricacies inherent in the present moment may have it’s own education to offer!


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