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People have realized that they cannot only rely on their local backups, so cloud storage has become popular.

Simply, it is a service that a company provides where the user can store data on their servers over the internet.

These services are affordable, convenient and reliable. They use high encryption methods and their servers are redundant.

Let’s First examine some features of some of these providers:

iCloud (mainly for Apple users): If you create, upload or change files or photos on one computer or device, this service will automatically and wirelessly synchronize it to the rest of your devices, and these files can be accessed regardless if you are connected or not to internet.

The service is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and in the future with any iOS system. MAC users can also utilize it.

iCloud is very simple to use, as all your files will be found in one place and really doesn’t require any hands-on management. The user only has to save or download a file one time and can access it on all devices.

Their help and support includes phone assistance and online resource where anyone can find answers to their questions about using the service.

Egnyte HybridCloud: One good thing about this service is that users are not limited and can upload any size and type of files. These files can be easily shared with friends, families or coworkers, while the administrator has all the power to grant permissions to the way users access these files.

While Egnyte HybridCloud has not yet made available apps for BlackBerry or Windows Mobile devices, users with iPhone, iPad, and devices with Android and HP webOS can access and edit their files on the go.

While the interface looks very well professional, people with little computer skills will find it easy to operate and can quickly learn how to use it.

All users have access to online video tutorials and their customer support center includes knowledge base and forums where the user can learn even more.

Google Apps: is a very secure service that allows you to store and edit almost any type of file.

These files can be accessed from any computer once internet access is present. Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users can also access their files.

The interface of this application has room for improvement, but it is not hard to use. On the other hand, users have 24/7 technical assistance and a learning center available. Also, one and one support via email, phone, and chat is available.

OpenDrive: this service also syncs files that you upload to your account to other devices. These files can be edited and changes will reflect on any other device or computer. People may also share certain files with others providing them with a link which is stored on the OpenDrive server using a 128 bit encrypted SSL connection. Their service includes a public folder that you can use to share files, while you can manage permissions to the content that can be viewed within the folder.

Accessing your files from iPhones, or iPod Touch mobile devices is available.

The tool is easy to configure and will backup and synchronize selected files without user interaction.

As many others, they have an online page where you can interact with other users via a forum, and FAQ section to learn more. Additionally, you can contact them via email if you require further assistance.


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