Playstation 3, a problematic view

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This publication is likely going to be shorter than my last one, mostly because theres little I can pick out to stab the playstation with. But don’t worry, those Xbox fans who more than likely want to eat my flesh after the review of the Xbox will be smiling with the points I make on the playstation.

As was stated in the previous, sony have ruled the console market with an iron fist. Playstation original was a massive success blowing its competators out of the water and sitting the PS brand name at the top of the mountain. The playstation 2 reaffirmed its status there, with improvements such as the DVD player, enhanced graphics. And a nifty look. However the moment the Microsoft war machine moved into their territory, Sony began to sweat. As I’ve said before, pre Microsoft Sony had very little in the means of competition. Nintendo had at this point pretty much given up on trying to beat them and had resided themselves to a lower spot, much like Igor next to  Dr frankenstien. So with the arrival of the software giant, things began to get heated, and so the console wars began. Microsoft, although successful with the original Xbox were still the new comers to the race, and thus sped ahead. Bleeding out their energy, forgetting that slow and steady won the race. Although Microsoft were the first to grab the boom of the next gen consoles. Sony didn’t seem all too bothered, but rather spent the extra time from the release of the Xbox improving their design on the PS3 making it a better and more efficent console.

So when the PS3 was released it made its predessors look like lazy shoddy work. The thing itself was a peice of art. Although quite heavy in comparison to PS1, and 2. The Playstation 3 not only adapted a beautiful exterior design but also had superior hardware and software in comparison to the buggy Xbox at this time. But with beauty and superiority comes cost. And whoo boy did it cost. Original prices were in the range of around 400-500 great british pounds. over 300 more than the original release value of the playstation 2.  However this downside can be flipped right around. Most people simply seem to see the base price of the ps3 in comparison to the xbox  and naturally assume that the latter is the cheaper and more cost effective option. However this is not true, the ps3 is the equivalent of the Xbox + all its base accessories. And in the end the Xbox turns out to be more expensive when all accessories are bought. However, not everyone wants the accessories. Some just want to stick in a game and play. And all power to them.

This is the point were my ps3 friendly attitude turns. I’ll admit. I like this console a lot more than the Xbox.  Its design, playability, and lack of bugs are all plus points in my opinion. However, the lack of bugs isn’t the problem. The Xbox can be buggy as hell, but all these are solved simply and cheaply, if not for free. But when you get a bug on the PS3. Things can really go to hell. The main bug I’ll be talking about here is the yellow light of doom, essentially its the PS3’s version of the red light of death. However unlike the Xbox this bug will pop up without warning. Usually preluding the Red Light will be clicking in your xbox, or game freezes. Random on off moments. However with the yellow light, you could have literally just turned off your ps3 to grab a beer, came back turned it on. And suddenly your ps3 has yellow lighted. Now I’ll be frank. This is an uncommon bug, up to the point where it is rare. However the latest firmware updates of the PS3 seem to have for one reason or another increased the number of yellow lights that will happen on the PS3. The main problem this presents for PS3 owners is that unlike microsoft, Sony will not replace your ps3 unless its under warrenty. And getting it repaired will cost you almost as much as you paid for the actual console.

This is a terrible problem. Hopefully one sony will fix with future firm ware updates. However until then Xbox owners have the ball in their court as far as fair marketing and replacements go.

The ps3 however does have many advantages over the Xbox, blue ray disk drive, and particularly for those fans of the metal gear solid series a ps3 exclusive with the latest game in the series MGS4. So really advantages for buying the PS3 only present themselves in the long run. Less chance of breaking down, the enhancement of blue ray technology and better exclusives. The ps3 is by far cheaper in the long run, avoiding the costs for online gaming the PS3’s massive base cost could be described as more of an investment than anything else as despite what people will say, as time goes on you will be saving more money. ( Unless of course it breaks down and dies, forcing you to buy a new one)

Hmmm would you look at that, its longer than my last one. Whoops.


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