10 Tips to Creating an Online Presence For Your Offline Business

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What would happen if a potential customer looking for a business on-line now, what they find? Maybe it’s a negative article written undertaking to the local newspaper, or a negative review of online customer service, a website that has not been updated since started, or worse – nothing?

Many service related business people fall into the following categories, with an online presence;

only their own personal social media accounts

what others say about your business without knowing

a website that has not been updated for years


Create the online business presence is more than just having a website where people can read the company, see and order services from you. The fact that anyone can find, and follow the links to the online business.

10 tips to create a presence in the offline business online:

Get a site listed in Google Sites, Google Sites list for you the local maximum is the first side of the Google search engine that allows consumers to quickly find.

Get a map, and the need to optimize the Google map list. The desk, in your car and the road maps leading customers to the door.

Put the word out, Google considers, reviews and promotions is an important way to influence customers. Let them know how great you are!

Get a domain name, having a professional sounding email ending gives more credit to the company than the one that ends in “hotmail.com” or similar, which suggests that no business should be taken seriously.

Add video – Videos of a dynamic, interactive experience for visitors. The nature of participation in the video encourages users to spend more time on the site, thus increasing advertising revenues and what it was.

Get a website – no website right now, even the smallest business to appear … so small. Give your customers the confidence that you’re a thriving business professional, no matter how many staff, or the size of the site.

Do SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), an online marketing strategy to help potential customers find your website in search engines. SEO targets different aspects of the site (the content), and the website (ie links to your site)

Start a blog – the core of every successful blog great content. If you are passionate about the subject than your business, blogging can be a great way to communicate this to customers.

Social media – this is the future, and this is now. Let’s start with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and then think, if you think it is important to you and your customers.

Everything else, they’ll get into things especially affiliate marketing, text marketing, etc., etc., the list is almost endless. Get a 9 instead of the other before they start to think about more advanced online strategy.



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