Improve Your Eye Vision Using Finest Nutrition

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Everything will be alright, if you giving perfect health nutrition and diet, we able to get all stamina and vitamins, minerals, trace elements (homeostasis we called it as scientific terms) from what we eating food. The difficulty is that now a days we normally not take healthy foods, this bridged with social issues, working culture, also lacking in knowledge of nutrition elements of each food.

majorly reduce of vitamin A causes the body unconditional, because Vitamin A plays vital role in our body immune system , It maintains normal vision of our eye, it has the role of growth of cellular differentiation as well as the immune system ,also plays anti oxidants which protect cells from any damage and inhibits cancerous growth cells. It is used for bones and nerves and plays important roles in reproduction as deficiency of this vitamin can lead to infertility.

Vitamin A deficiency leads our eye dryness called night blindness where the individual leads not to see dim light. Excess consumption of fat soluble vitamin A after  period of times gives toxic symptoms include liver damage , headache all these are symptoms referred to  as HYPER VITAMIN SIS.

Drink milk two times daily before go the bed and after wake up,Eat cheese, eggs, fish carrots which are rich in beta-carotene, Eat green leafy vegetables, dark colored vegetables and fruits.High sources are Wheat germ, corn, olives, and spinach. Vegetable oils like groundnut, soya and cotton seeds, and safflower. 

Then taking these nutrition regularly your health and vision of your eye will improve and makes you not dryness, small  exercise also you can do it in regular manner just spending one or three minutes in a day ,take your hands chose any finger massage  around the eye, lightly and smoothly touch your eye not be hard ,then rotate your lens of eye in all direction  otherwise simply use this technique, make your finger in front of your nose and rotate around face ,don’t forget see your action that’s all it improves your sight .

If you have habit of taking head bath daily, before going to take bath ,apply coconut oil in your head take some time then go to take bath. If not, before day night itself scalp coconut oil in your hair then sleep, after awaken from the bed, take bath .


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