Being a Boss Who Preferred Subordinate

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Promotion is usually accompanied by a rise in salary plus a subordinate to help our work. But, riding position is not always easy. There are things that must be done so that you still liked subordinates but also respected by them.

Being a boss or a new boss to challenge themselves to you. On the one hand, you should be able to make your subordinates obedient and willing to obey your commands, on the other hand you have to make in order subordinates to like you and do not feel depressed. For that, a new position means that there are some things you need to update as well.

Know Your Subordinates

Knowing the names of your subordinate’s duty to be fulfilled. However, getting to know here is not enough just to know the name. You also need to know the character and ability of each subordinate. You can customize the way you speak or act upon knowing the character of each subordinate.

By knowing the character and ability of men, you can delegate tasks to the appropriate person in accordance with the capabilities. If there are subordinates who lack the ability to do the job, you can help him in particular, for example by providing training so that your subordinates do not feel burdened with the task.


Became the new boss does not mean you can be free now because all the tasks you can give to a subordinate. Being a boss means that your responsibility is greater. Could be mistakes subordinates should be your responsibility. This means you must make sure your people do what is correct. To find out true or not, you need to master it also. If this is a new thing, it means you need to learn about these tasks.

You can also lose the respect of subordinates, if they see you do not master the things that you delegate. Sometimes, they need you as a place to ask questions or ask for advice you to take a decision. To get the right answer, of course you have to learn to mngerti issues thoroughly.

Create Intimacy

Despite the higher your position, this is no reason for you to keep a distance with subordinates. Eliminate or cavalier attitude to keep the image too much. Perhaps by thinking of your subordinates are not level with you or thinking that they are afraid and willing to obey your commands, then you should be exclusive.

Thoughts like this are not entirely true. It would be better if you want to blend in with your subordinates within reasonable limits. There should be an attitude that makes you respect your boss, but that does not mean tone should be completely separate from them. An authoritarian attitude can make subordinates feel upset and can make you lose them. One of the things you can do to create intimacy between you as a lunch or recreation go together on holidays. Intimate atmosphere will allow them to like you.

Ready to Receive Input

Input from subordinates not to be regarded as an attack to defeat you. Try to listen to their input. There may be truth in what they convey. These suggestions if you think about and made improvements certainly will make you become a better person. In addition, by looking at properties you are willing to accept criticism, can increase their sense of respect.

 Improve Appearance

Appearances are not everything, but the appearance will affect the assessment of people when first berjtemu. Moreover, as your boss may have a presentation or meeting clients. Poor performances can damage corporate image.

As an employer, you also need to set an example to subordinates, including in terms of appearance. You certainly do not feel happy, if you look a mess, then by example will help if you would give him advice about this. Appearance of a clean, neat and fragrant can make them respect you and prevent the unpleasant conversation about your appearance.

Establish cooperation and good relations with subordinates should be nurtured in order to produce something good. With that end, the atmosphere will be fun and can work well done. Thereby increasing your value in the eyes of superiors.


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