The Miracle Molecule

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Fulvic acid is a natural electrolyte and is also known as “the miracle molecule.”  Recent studies have revealed many benefits through the use of this supplement.  It has proven to be a very powerful antioxidant as it helps to detoxify pollutants from the body of free radicals.  There have been many amazing breakthroughs related to fulvic acid and its role in assisting the body.  In particular, a primary function of fulvic acid is its effects on the digestive system.  It aids in the digestive process of proteins, herbs, minerals, and vitamins as it transports energy-type nutrients.  The electrolyes which are found in fulvic acid helps the ability of the body in absorption of nutrients throughout the entire digestive system.  It is found to be essential to every living cell in the metabolic process. 

There are several other amazing facts to report as well.  Fulvic acid can help you to overcome that dragging feeling of tiredness and fatigue and help the entire body feel instantly energized as it flushes toxins away, as well as bad acid wastes, and releases nutrients to the cells making you feel refreshed with energy.

Previous experiments and clinical testing has shown that fulvic acid helps to stimulate brain function and enhances memory through the removal of toxic cells and correction of electrolyte imbalances, as well as allowing a more rapid rate of absorption of vitamins and minerals.  Other positive results include boosting of the immune system, increasing metabolism to promote weight loss, helps to reduce high blood pressure, and improvement in the condition of the hair, the nails, and the skin.  Even more surprising is that it is known to inhibit the HIV virus.

The cellular process has also been found to be effective in the treatment of symptoms caused by many other disease processes such as gastritis, gallstones, diverticulitis, gout, and even bone fractures through the stimulation of white blood cells and regeneration of cells to promote new growth of bone and healing.  The healing ability of fulvic acid has been shown to be absolutely amazing.

Ingestion of fulvic acid can also be used to eliminate excess iron levels throughout the body.  It has the ability to release toxic metals from the cells.  This in combination with its unique quality of acting as a diuretic can help the body’s ability to purge those excessive heavy metals which are otherwise not wanted or needed by the body.  It bonds to the harmful metal ions through water in the body so they can be released in the urine and feces. 

Fulvic acid is not commonly known.  In fact, many people have never heard of fulvic acid and are not aware of its potential effects on things such as enzyme production, and the structures of the hormones.  It is becoming much more widely recognized as that special link that is missing for optimum nutrition.  As more and more experiments and clinical testing evolves, it is believed that fulvic acid will prove to be useful in a variety of other things.


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