Chinese Fashion

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The Chinese have a very different style when it comes to fashion.  It is definitely an acquired taste for most people.  Years ago, the designs tended to be more traditional.  Many styles were made with multiple layers of clothing covering all parts of the body, even the neck with high collars.  It was not until years later when their designs began to lose some of the layers, lowered collars a bit, and came up with some fancier designs with accessories to complement the hair.  Traditional Chinese women often wore their hair styled in marcelled waves.  Shoes were flat and slipper-like in design.

Much of their clothing was made out of silk and was heavily embroidered with striking matching hats with eye-catching tassels.  They were often long gowns that looked very elegant and elaborate.  The clothing also had a very traditional way about them.  Unfortunately, this is not a look that most women are going for today.  As centuries past and some traditions were altered, Chinese fashions began to change producing more desirable qualities in their designs.  Some tapering was done at the waist, feathered hairdos, ruffles, many striking embellishments, use of shoulder pads, patterns changed, some dresses were made with slits up the sides, pump-type shoes, and the clothing became very colorful.  They began to modernize the look of their clothing.  Many styles started to be made tighter creating a more slimmed down look instead of the gown-like traditional styles.  Decades earlier, these outfits would have been considered too revealing.

As the Chinese fashion trend evolved, they became much more appealing to the eye and the look was less structured.  The Chinese youth market in particular began to greatly flourish with a lot of newer concepts and ideas by Chinese designers.  Some of the more modern styles still had some traditional Chinese elements with lovely embroidery techniques, but still maintaining that classically subtle spirit geared more toward Oriental women. 

As a newer window of Chinese styles began to embrace the world, the Asian clothing trend evolved even more, especially among the Chinese youth market.  The look went from traditional to absolutely sensational.  Many styles were spiced up with some very lavish detail with a new look that focused more on models.  They began to produce many different and interesting lines, which did not include clothing alone.  Footwear styles changed to higher-heeled open-toed shoe, very stylish boots, short mini skirts, newer purse styles, thong-style bathing suits, and accessories such as scarves and stylish jewelry.  They really began to make an impact on the world as models showed off these designer styles on the runway.  They also introduced a very sexy seductive lingerie line, which is steadily becoming even more desirable to Oriental women. 

Today, Chinese fashions are absolutely adored by many women.  Unfortunately, a lot of women find that they cannot wear many of the Chinese styles.  The clothing tends to be made on the small side.  Being small is a racial characteristic of Oriental women, and most are extremely petite.


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