Xbox360, a problematic view

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The Xbox, somewhat of a jump in the dark from microsoft, moving out the boat a little from PC based games onto making their very own console. For years the playstation brand name had ruled the console market, its superior graphics and hardware made sure that it was miles ahead of other consoles such as the SNES and Sega Mega Drive. However its always been noted that no matter what console game you have a PC game will more than likely be superior to it. Because in the end a PC is, and will always be far more advanced and complicated than a console. So, Microsoft, grand empire of the personal computer software. Moving into the console market. Must have been a dream right? Well in some ways it was. The original Xbox actually suprassed the Playstation 2 in my eyes. It was the first system to completely irradicate the need for the memory card. ( Such a thing is an annoyance for gamers as if they were lost or damaged saves would be out the window) The internal hard drive was pure genius on the side of Microsoft. Minor flaws such as ungainly controller sizes didn’t take away the fact that the Xbox, fat as it was. Was a major step forward for consoles.

So naturally one would assume that the next console from the Xbox range would only continue to speed ahead and set the bar for next gen consoles. Which it did. However. This was an unfortunate stumbling point for Microsoft. Unlike Sony, Microsoft rushed the Xbox360. Proper tests wern’t carried out, all in the rush to be the first next generation console on the market and get the intial boom in before Sony. Which did happen, the Xbox 360 made a killing on its opening night. However as the rave died down, problems started cropping up. The most infamous of these is the RROD( Red Ring Of Death). The Red Ring Of Death, was a plague amongst gamers who owned an Xbox. Faulty consoles broke down, and at first microsoft tried to deny responsibility. But as cases moved from rare, to uncommon finally into the common stage. Its hand was forced. Now any Xbox suffering from an RROD will be repaired free of charge, or if need be replaced. However this doesn’t help many gamers that lost their saves from the hard drive of their original. Other problems also occured, for example in some of the original xbox adverts its shown the xbox in a vertical stance, however its known that this is something that a gamer should NOT do. Because this ends up with the laser either melting the disk, or the disk being damaged from within the Xbox itself. Both result in the breaking of a game. The Xbox’s cooling system was also a main problem, early models having to be held in a wide open space or else hard drives would literally melt within the consoles.

Problems only got worse for the xbox after the release of the playstation 3. The playstation had been held back for the proper testing, featured many devices in the basic package that had to be bought seperately with the Xbox. And of course, the main killer was that online play on the playstation network was completely free of charge. Main points that Xbox fans use to combat the superiority of the playstation is that it is more expensive. However if one looks at what you get with the PS3 that you have to buy seperatly with the Xbox then you’ll actually notice that getting the PS3 is cheaper than getting the Xbox with all the seperate accessories. But this isn’t an arguement between both consoles. In light of this microsoft began cutting prices on their Xbox to save face. Releasing new more advanced versions such as the elite, or the stripped down arcade.

Despite all its flaws the Xbox360 does have several good points. Because its been out for longer than the PS3 the Xbox has a wider selection of games. Which is a god send particularly when waiting for a single game to come out and having to choose another one to content you till its release. Other good points are the Xbox live market place, despite having to have a gold membership to play online the market palce is availible with silver membership ( free)  and has a lot more extra features for the Xbox games than there would be for the playstation. A major example of this is with Fallout 3. The games expansion packs are availible to buy on the market place but arn’t featured in the playstation store. Another good point is that the Xbox has several exclusives with popular game branches.Such as Halo, Fable, and( if they ever make another game) Knights of the Old Republic.

To sum up this artical I’d say the Xbox is a good console for those who enjoy sports games and FPSes ( cause god knows half its games are listed right there). Its a bare bones console, so if your one who wants all the accessories its not really advisable. But everyone has their own tastes. As long as you don’t mind paying out a little extra for accessories and online play, the Xbox is a relatively good choice for todays gamer.


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