Learn How Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Assist Anybody

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Both men and women suffer from a number of unusual hormonal imbalances. Females tend to suffer from either estrogen or progesterone imbalances; while men might suffer from an excess or lack of the hormone testosterone. They will suffer from an imbalance of testosterone caused by pituitary gland damage and women may also suffer from problems related to diseases of the womb.

For anybody suffering from this kind of hormonal imbalance, the problems may have a very detrimental impact upon your personal and work life and also cause a number of difficulties with your health. As an example, women with excessive amount of estrogen can be exposed to infertility, severe PMS symptoms, weight gain and increased potential for breast cancer. This is often where biodentical hormone replacement therapy comes into picture.

There are a number of causes for hormonal imbalances, including the commencement of menopause, the use of the Pill, pituitary issues, obesity and pregnancy, and also excessive use of non-organic chemicals like cosmetics and anti-wrinkle products. The majority of products on the market for those suffering from imbalances are themselves made from synthetic substances, and in few cases this can increase the pain of the user. Utilizing bio-identical hormones could help someone if they have hormonal imbalance as a result of non-organic chemical use.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance may be either universal (suffered by both sexes) or gender-specific. Universal symptoms of hormonal issues include extreme tiredness, acne or skin eruptions, weight gain, loss of libido, and memory problems. For individuals with extreme imbalances, these issues may amplify to incorporate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, and arthritic problems. Other universal symptoms comprise repeated UTIs, palpations and arrhythmia, and dry eyes and mouth. Almost all these symptoms, no matter how they occur, could be treated by the proper use of a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. These therapies can assist to solve some of the more chronic symptoms suffered by those experiencing hormonal imbalance.

Some of the more specific symptoms suffered by women which will cause them to take bio-identical hormones include the first onset of the menstrual cycle, or diminished or missing periods. They are usually connected to a loss of progesterone, which wont be changed in traditional HRT.


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