Terraria: A Guide to Not Getting Your Guts Ripped Out by Zombies

Welcome To Terraria!

After downloading this really awesome game off steam you probably have no idea what to do. You’re probably getting your guts ripped out every 10 seconds by various evil multicolored slimes? This guide will tell you all you need to survive in Terraria!

Character Creation

First you need to create your  character. Choose your gender, body clothes, and hair style. Make your character look awesome because after you create it you can’t change it later without the use of other programs.

I recommend choosing softcore, where when you die you lose half your money, for your first account because you don’t lose all your items you took 20+ hours getting, leading to much less rage and smashed computer screens.

After that choose your world size. I recommend small because it takes less time to reach the interesting parts of the map like the dungeon, hell, and other places.

World Information

Your character can travel between worlds, for example if you make a world called Tacoland and another world named Pizzaland, if you log into either world you will keep all your stuff, health, and mp. You can never run out of resources because you can always create another world! Also this lets your friends come into your world and help you build stuff.

Starting out

You Spawn in a happy little forest place with trees and tiny cute jumping slimes that will try to kill you. Also there’s an annoying almost useless person that will tell you tutorial stuff about Terraria. Right click him to talk to him. He’s really stupid and will do nothing to stop evil monsters from ripping his head off. In your inventory you have a copper shortsword, a copper axe, and a copper pickaxe. select tools with the number shown at the top or scroll through your hotbar with the mousewheel. To access your inventory use the escape key.

Start by taking your copper axe that you somehow found in your backpack and start chopping those tress. Make sure you hit the bottom trunk because if you chop the middle of the tree only half of the tree will be chopped down. Chop those trees until you have a decent amount of wood

While your doing this, slimes might spawn near you. Go off and stab them with your pathetically weak and almost useless sword. You can also use your pickaxe instead, because it slashes instead of stabbing which makes it much easier to hit things. They will drop gel which is used for torches, and it’s much easier to kill things in the dark if you can see them.

After you get a decent amount of wood and maybe a few gel, start making a house to protect your helpless guide. Open your inventory and drag the wood to your hotbar. Select it and click on the ground to place the wood. Make it around 10 by 5 blocks. To craft things go into your inventory, in the bottom right there are items that you can craft. scroll to one and click it to craft it. Craft a workbench and place it in the house. The workbench is a crafting area, meaning if you are close to the workbench you can craft items that require a workbench to craft, such as walls and wooden items. Craft some wooden walls and fill up the house. Then craft a door and put it on the entrance. place a chair and a table in the house. NPC’s need those to move into a house. Then place a torch to make it so you can see and voila you got an npc house. I recommend making another house just for yourself and your stuff because i hate sharing. Later you should make more houses to accommodate more NPC’s when they move in.

Mining Those Shiny Rocks!

After you get a basic shelter set up, you should mine.first you should make a wooden sword because it’s almost impossible to hit anything with that stupid shortsword you have. Also make a bow and some arrows. The arrows require stone in addition to wood. These let you kill monsters before they can even get close enough to claw your guts out which is a good thing.

You should dig a shaft straight down, place wooden platforms so you can get back up, and explore the caves that you find The shaft can later be used for accessing hell when you won’t die in 1 hit to the monsters there. In caves you will find ores, mine those. You can also find pots and chests. Pots have coins of other almost useless trinkets like wooden arrows and shurikens. Keep them for now because you’re weak and can use them. Chests can contain extremely valuable equipment, keep these and all the loot in it. Take the chest too because you probably don’t have iron and need the storage space.

After running out of supplies or, “accidentally” getting your head ripped off by a yellow slime, go back to your shelter. Craft a furnace. If you don’t know how to craft something. go to the guide, talk to him and select crafting. Then put one of the materials you need to craft something. It will show all the things you can craft with that material. Since a furnace obviously needs stone. put that in and find out the recipe

Smelt all of your ores. If you got a chest while mining, place it somewhere and put all of your crap in it. If you didn’t get one, craft one at the workbench. If requires 2 iron however. After getting 5 iron ingots craft an anvil. It’s used to make weapons and armor made out of metal. Use your copper to make a bow, a broadsword, armor, or whatever you like. However with iron do not make iron armor and instead make iron skin potions. They use iron ore, daybloom, and a bottle of water and increase your defence by 8 for 5 minutes. That’s more than an entire set of iron armor. By the time you get enough iron to make the set you could get full silver, gold, or even demonite.

That’s it for this beginners guide. Go slaughter those zombies that terrorized you on your first day. Get tons of shiny ores and own build the most awesome house ever!


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