4 Ways To Keep A Secret From Your Girlfriend

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When it comes to relationships, and things that have to do with her relationship, a woman is a certified super sleuth. In order to combat these natural abilities you need to bring your ‘A’ game.  One slip up in your story, or a piece of random evidence, and you’re done. Follow these 4 tips to learn how to properly keep a secret from your girlfriend.

Tip 1., First of all.you’re going to need some alibis in covering up your secret. If you went to a cricket match without her knowing, if you hit a club—hell, if you cheated on her and you don’t want her to find out, you’re going to need a few of your closest friends to help you out. Now don’t choose some snake that wants to get your girlfriend upset with you so he can attempt to slide into your position. And, don’t choose your idiot friend that can’t keep a lid on things when he drinks. Choose one or two buddies that would take a grenade for you, or better yet, guys you have dirt on. These cats will back what ever insane story you come up with.

Tip 2. Remember also, it’s not enough to find two good friends to lie with you. Your alibi has to be airtight enough so your girlfriend can’t tell you’re covering anything up. But, your stories can’t mirror each other exactly, or she’ll know you guys rehearsed it. This requires practice. First, make sure you all have the foundation exactly the same. The “who”, “what” and “when” should all be pretty similar. Be loose on any dialog you may share. Once you guys get everything down, practice the story a few times. It’ll save you an argument or worse, later.

Tip 3. If you went to a concert without her, don’t be a buffoon and walk in the house with ticket stubs in your back pocket; don’t leave them lying around in your car. Credit card receipts, phone records, the clothing you wore, all will be subject to thorough investigation if you don’t stay on top of your story and clip all loose ends. Most guys get caught because they aren’t thorough enough. Get rid of all evidence that conflicts with the story you have previously presented her with. Period. Failure to do so will have you under the hot lights like a murder suspect…. And where where you on the night of November 12th?

Tip 4. Days from now, months…remember your story. Make sure your buddies do to. Women have better memories than elephants.Yah! I really know this! One slip up and she’ll catch you for something you did in the mid 1990s. Tell yourself the same lie you’ve been telling her so much that you’ll start to believe it. It’s the only way to keep a secret from your lady.

Bonus Tip.  Here is also a bonus tip. It’s may be easy to lie your girlfriend,but do you really want to lie? Think about it. If you really love her, it’s not neccessary to lie. Women don’t like liars. Bet,i am a woman. I don’t like if my boyfriend lie to me. So Don’t lie!

Good Luck With Your Girlfriend!


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