3 Pieces of Songwriting Advice

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In this post I’m going

to give you

3 pieces of songwriting advice so as that you’ll

compose improved and more

unforgettable songs and hooks.

This initial

bit of songwriting advice is very well

covered but it’s


helpful. I entirely

advise that you ought to possess skill with an instrument which plays chords

prior to your starting song


The piano and the guitar are two of the most

popular instruments to pick up and two

relatively easy instruments to start with, also.

After you’ve gotten a musical instrument that is capable of playing chords, you can play these

chords over top of possible melodies to determine which

fits the best there.

This brings me to my following part of

songwriting advice. Most folks are

knowledgeable about the word

“hook”. It’s relevant and is used to

explain by far the most memorable part or parts

of a tune and is

usually represented by a

section of unforgettable melody. The

significant aspect to

consider regarding writing

quality hooks is that anything can possibly be a massive

and memorable hook.

You’ll notice that by humming any

line of notes at this moment, if they are backed with the

best instrumentation, structure, and

chord pattern, that melody has the potential of

becoming a gigantic hook. When

you view writing hooks specifically

from this viewpoint, it

will become much easier as you don’t need to spend your energy or time getting

exhausted attempting to come up

with that wonderful hook

as in its place you can build an initial hook and then develop it around the

greatest support.

Because of this, it

is so important that you’re able to play the guitar or another

chorded instrument as this

allows you to work around with a piece of melody and enjoy the most out of it. Once you do that and you bear in mind the other instrumentation such

as the tempo, drum part, and rhythm, with any other bass or solo parts from other instruments which you might

situate around it you can

get a very comprehensible

picture of what you can do with that

precise hook.

This final piece of songwriting advice is to

exercise your songwriting muscles whenever possible. Songwriting is a skill

which improves over time no matter

what someone else will try to

tell you. This isn’t

something that you’re born with and it’s not

an innate talent which some people have but others do not.

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