Treatment For Premature Ejaculation

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Causes of premature ejaculation is unclear, and the disease appears to be primarily a psychological problem. To understand how premature ejaculation can be successfully treated, it is necessary to a number of facts related to ejaculation and the mechanism is present.

The mechanism of ejaculation is quite complicated and consists of three simultaneous events:

    The release of semen from the prostate (ejaculation)
    units of semen from the prostate and penis (ejaculation)
    and preventing the return of the semen into the bladder (bladder neck closure).

In a very simple representation of the mechanism of male ejaculation is composed of two mirrors: urethromuscular gland and subordinates. Acorn seems to be a reflection of his subordinates in order to restore sperm to the urethra (emission phase of ejaculation), and translated urethromuscular (expulsion phase of ejaculation) cast.

Deep in the mechanism of ejaculation involved in associations, striated muscles at the base of the penis called the bulbospongiosus. Once the sperm reaches around the urethra, bulbocavernosus muscle contraction compresses (BCM) of the urethra and the expulsion of its contents.

This introduction is necessary because a failure of the above seems to cause ejaculation disorders, and treatment in the vicinity of this dysfunction.

    Compression technique is designed to involuntary muscle contractions of the bulbocavernosus educate ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation can be eliminated. This technique, described by Masters and Johnson to be very effective if patients have a willing partner and understanding. People with your partner to stimulate premature ejaculation is imminent. Just before ejaculation, the penis at the base of the couple revealed to prevent ejaculation. When the feeling of ejaculation are taken, the process repeats. Gradually, from time to time extend the time until ejaculation.

    “Stop and Start” It’s sexual stimulation until the man recognizes that he is about to ejaculate. The stimulation was removed for 30 seconds and then you go. This sequence is repeated until ejaculation is desired, the last time the stimulus is maintained until ejaculation. To succeed with this method also requires cooperation partners.

    Reduce stimulation for men with premature ejaculation, a number of creams that are available for some numb (numb) the penis and reduce stimulation leading to orgasm. Another possibility is to use one or more condoms. However, each technique to interfere with the pleasure experienced during sex.


Or the doctor may prescribe medication to help delay ejaculation. Delayed orgasm is a common side effect of certain medications, particularly for the treatment of depression. If such drugs for people suffering from premature ejaculation occurs, can help an orgasm for a few minutes late.


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