Rim Luring Blackberry App Developers: A Positive Start For 2012

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Blackberry is synonymous to business; however, RIM has been in the news for its deficiencies in 2011. Due problems ranging from the BBM outage to problems in its tablet device, Blackberry had to give up its dominant position in the hands of competitors. In fact, Blackberry has never been in loss; it’s just that it made fewer profits since the launch of Android and development in iOS. Android offered open market for developers, which was not the case with Blackberry.  2011 being the booming year for mobile and wireless devices, RIM for some reason failed to attract developers to its old-fashioned and not so attractive development strategy.

Enclosing all of the above and looking at the future prospect of tablet market, RIM rolled out a strategy to woo developers to engage in Blackberry application development once again. Why would Blackberry app developer adhere to RIM rules? Let’s take it further.

RIM is in the “let’s fix it” mood and according to its recent press conference, RIM offers some very advanced tweaks for its devices. Its most awaited update for its tablet is about to release in the February month. Apparently, RIM will rescue its tablet version 2.0 from frequent mobile device connection through a unified email inbox.

The big news is the addition of Android app support. Now, Android applications can be tweaked and launched in the RIM marketplace, easily. It is advanced to give a feel of the native apps. This comes as good news for Blackberry developer’s India. This clearly gives developers a chance for a better and bigger exposure, and development opportunity. The game applications simply looked great on RIM’s platform with smooth graphics even in the case of 3D apps.

Along with drastic tablet improvements, RIM still has over 70 million total subscribers. This indeed is a luring figure for Blackberry developers. It’s a platform where developers can make money. They can take advantage of the platform features and integrate apps with existing features.

The NFC Advantage

RIM plans to launch NFC-enabled devices this year, which means the NFC technology will be seen round the corner. New NFC-enabled Blackberry Curves and Bolds are about to enter the smart phone markets.

For those who are unaware of NFC technology, it stands for Near Field Communications and supports short range wireless technology. It has been in the news for a long time. The aim behind NFC development is to make mobile commerce easier. This means, users will be able to pay for their shopping just with a tap of their phone.

NFC acts as a new arena of application development for developers. The concept of NFC is vast and used in various ways during the Blackberry application development process. Also, the launch of latest Blackberry SDK supports NFC.

Overall, RIM has jumped back in with all the positivity and determination of ruling the market. Will RIM strategy show results? We will follow the story.


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