Tax Policies in the UK, Greed.

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Greed is the simple answer to the subject question. Its part of human nature, so why should those who have the biggest chance to exploit pass it aside? Simple answer is they do not wish to, they milk the proverbial cash cow for all its worth. Shocking news about UK members of parliament splashing out 20k each on decoration for second homes shouldn’t really come as much of a shock. More of a slight shudder is the story of a certain parliament member cashing in on the public for 100k on refurbishing his back garden. Lovely if you could do it. Only a few months ago bills were passed through the house of commons to lower the amount of tax payers cash that these MPs can spend on their own. Of course it was denied. The only one being accepted was the alternate bill which rewarded them a hefty bonus. Obviously something as preposterous as saving the tax payers money in expense for luxury is too much of something to ask. So whilst I’m here I’m going to be revealing a few things I’ll be sending in for review by Mr Brown. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t expect any of these things to be accepted by the cabinet. If I’ll be honest I expect them to laugh as they throw it in their gold plated recycling bin. So here we are.

In the early turn of the 20th century being paid for being a member of parliament was unheard of. Those who were to form the Labour party, men such as Keir Hardy had to slave in the coal pits and be an MP on the side. Why? Because they were men unaffected by the green vision of todays politics. They merely wanted improved conditions for their ilk. And for the working class to have a voice. A noble cause. One ignored by todays Labour party in favour of fondling the fat cats money bags. So, my proposal is, for two or three years. Have the MP’s tighten their belts and stop their cash flow. Two years without pay. Imagine the money we’d save then. If Mr Darling expects the average working class family to live on 600 a month then I think they could get by on their savings. And if things got really tight. Then maybe they could sell that second house they’ve been doing up with tax payers money. Maybe we would extend it. And add a clause which said they could get their money back. But only if we reached a certain economic growth per annum.

Recent economy collapses around the world are due to big banks being utter greedy tossers and throwing money about like it was something new. So rather than bail out the banks with our cash. We take all those bonuses the bank executives have been receiving. Put it in a pot. And label it. ” Just in case the banks screw up again” . And use that money to buy out the toxic debt. Hell this idea might even work in the US.

But two ideas I’ll be adding to my paper. Hopefully it’ll do some good at the bottom of that recycling bin.


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