Clothing Store Guide in The Cupboard

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STORING clothes in the cupboard also has its own art. In addition to preventing tangles, properly storing clothing in the cupboard makes you a fashion collection is so durable.
Activities ironing have been done then need to be accompanied by properly storing clothing in the cupboard. If you want to know more, you can try the following guidelines as noted by Mom & Kiddies:
– Before storing, make sure the clothing was completely dry so as not to cause mildew and odor. Note the temperature of the cupboard; store cupboard and moisture absorbent stay dry and not humid.
– Remove items from your pocket before hanging it, to prevent changes in the structure of materials and also the contamination of materials.
– Keep your clothes in the closet cupboard a clean, dry, dusty and not sealed. Clean first with a dry cloth or a damp cloth when dirty. Cover a section that will be put clothes cupboard with white paper.
– Hang clothes wrinkle, usually made from cotton.
– Do not hang clothing made of wool, or knitting because it will ruin its shape. Sweaters and all kinds of clothing made from knitted to be folded and placed in a drawer or cupboard shelf. If there is no place, you can also stalk wrapped in chains. But, do not be hung on hangers to prevent stretch. Do not forget to enter the clothing made from wool into the plastic so that fiber can last longer and away from the moths.
– Hang shirt buttoned to the conditions above, middle and bottom buttoned tightly, to prevent stretching.
– Dresses and suits are not used, the best way to store them by hanging thick and wide hangers, which does not stretch the shoulder area. To suit the dress and jacket, first with plastic wrap before hanging.
– Coatdress with accent sequins, studs and stones with a plastic cover or clothing so as not to involved with other clothes in the closet.
– T-shirts (jerseys) should be folded only. Organize by color so you can easily searchable when needed, at the same time will make it more durable and does not quickly fade.
– Separate white clothes with other colored or made of material so as not to fade jeans.
– Hang the trousers or jeans on a hanger especially thick to prevent horizontal folds in the middle of the pipe pants.
– Use special skirt hangers that have clips to clamp the skirt waist. So the skirt folds spared from the former maintained its shape well. In addition, the skirt can also be rolled up and stored in the drawer.
– Put a moisture absorbent camphor or appliance in the cupboard to prevent mildew.
– Open the closet cupboard door on a regular basis and remove its contents for some time so as not moldy due to lack of air circulation in the cupboard.


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