Helicopter Crash in Southern Afghanistan

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France’s threat to pull out of Afghanistan early Friday after French troops four Afghan soldiers and wounded 15 hit on the efforts of the coalition led by United States, to build a national army and allow foreign troops to return to their homes.

Fatal is the second against the French forces on the Moon another increase in attacks against the Afghan security forces or intruders turned their guns coalition forces.

It came during a fatal Alliance especially the 24 hours of the six “Marines” killed in helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan on Thursday night.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is facing re-election campaign probably will be hard this spring, reacted quickly and strongly to the killing of French soldiers, who were unarmed when they were shot in the process of physical education. French troops ordered to cease training Afghan troops, suspended the patrols.

Sarkozy said in Paris, the French army was not in Afghanistan so that Afghan soldiers could shoot them. ” “Henceforth, all training instructions and the struggle of the French army is the comment”.

If you have not renewed the French security forces, “raised the question of early withdrawal of the French army,” he said.

The threat to France comes at a time when the Coalition is trying to pacify Afghanistan not work fast to leave, they will develop further troubled the security of the country, and it will help the Government to negotiate a political settlement with the Taliban until the end of the war, which lasted 10 years.

If France stops training operations indefinitely, or withdrawn beforehand, would weaken the Alliance and could ask for more forces States to follow suit.

The Coalition hopes that through the training of Afghan police and soldiers to wrap up combat mission at the end of 2014, when foreign troops went home or transferred to a supporting role.

Spokesman at the White House with Jay Carney was a member of France should the arbitrator’S coalition. “I don’t want to preempt any discussion or decision that can make France. … Exist as part of this Alliance, “he said.

He said that US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, “I feel great sympathy with what happened, the French soldiers. It was scary. I definitely appreciate the strong emotions that are expressed. ”

“We are in close communication with French colleagues, and we have no reason to believe that France is anything but continue to be part of the process of transition is carefully looking into our break …” Clinton said.

Sarkozy’s attempts to have unpopular to revive his poll numbers at a time when the public has grown tired of the obligation of France for 10 years in Afghanistan. Most voters are concerned about employment, religion, economy and State and the social ill could leave fester war as second opponent in its political balance.

Sarkozy suspend operations, training and partnership — even if that strains campaign – political pressure valve version at least shows that thinking about a way to get out of Afghanistan. He said that the candidate who tops the polls, “the Socialist Party, Francois hollande, said Friday that if re-elected, he would seek to withdraw all French troops by the end of this year.

France is the fourth largest coalition forces out of 3,600 troops in Afghanistan. 600 planned to leave this year and another to the end of 2014.

So far, the French soldier was killed, including two members of the French Foreign Legion “, who killed an Afghan soldier on 29 December.

Bulgarian News Agency BTA reported that one of four French soldiers killed Friday was a National Bulgarian sviln claimed, the 34-year-old. It quoted the FOREIGN MINISTRY press service as saying that he was the Sergeant of the French Foreign Legion “.

Afghan security forces or armed force has attacked and killed the international forces or civilian trainers more than a dozen times over the past two years, according to the result, “associated press”. A number of attacks by presumed Taliban sleeper agent who joined the Afghan forces, and other real soldiers who have become disgruntled or suffered from emotional problems.

“We believe that it appears to be increasing in frequency in recent months,” “US NAVY Captain John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, said coalition forces analysis of trends in these incidents.”What we can tell the reason for this right now. … But we also believe that this problem is endemic or systemic. ”

US General John Allen, Commander of Us forces in Afghanistan and praised the contribution of France in the war and promised to thoroughly investigate the incident and the work of France for its response.

“We are committed to continued work with the avghanista Government


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