2012 is The Year of The Dragon

According to the calculation of lunar calendar (Yin Li or Chinese new year), beginning of the year fell on January 23, 2012, but according to Hsia, beginning of year calendar falls on February 4, 2012. Calculations according to the calendar months become a tradition and continue to be celebrated, while reckoning by Hsia is not much known.

Many people want to know what the coming year will give you good luck for him or not. To answer these questions, it should be noted first that in Chinese Astrology there are five elements (elements), i.e., metals, wood, fire, water, and soil. This theory used to explain why a person would be more fortunate than others in further detail.

Meanwhile in the calculation of Capjie Zodiac (12 Horoscope), often a simple calculation is made. So, directly inferred Zodiac which are either his ground and the Zodiac which is less good his ground in that year.

Because the Dragon hap (fit) with Zodiac monkeys, rats, and a chicken, then a lot of people say that’s the third Zodiac has great luck. On the other hand, Chiong with shio Dragon Dogs bring farewell (could be with the life, health, property or with a partner).

Dragon small Zodiac Rabbit Chiong bring betrayal and hurt. While small Zodiac Dragon Chiong Dragon will bring mutual legal, or making the wrong decision later regretted. Therefore, the two people who have the third that is said horoscopes may experience distress.

Of course such a calculation is too narrow. Such calculations are in fact too generalize the phenomenon occurs, so that the truth has a low probability.

Year of the Dragon this time is the year of the Dragon Air (Ren Chen). Based on the theory, the dragon has the element Wood, Soil, and water. Naga is indeed “Keflavík air”. Because it is carried by the dragons in 2012 is the Dragon of water, then water will overflow big. If relate gratitude, 2012 is like a broken dam and the abundant water out.

Entirely Based On The Time Of Birth
No-one has ever seen a dragon. In a variety of descriptions, people tell the creatures such as dragons, but have never seen intact. There are only looking at the tail and some were just looking at his head. Therefore the year of the Dragon is always defined as a year under mysterious circumstances; It’s hard to guess what will happen in this year.

Then how do we know the 2012 (Water Dragon) This brings good fortune or not? The elements that belong to a person, depending on the time of his birth. By knowing the birth date, we can predict what elements of the five elements were most prominent in the us.

Here we give the bountiful water pedomannya: by 2012, then they are the most fortunate are those which require a water element. On the contrary, those who are less fortunate are those who already have a lot of water and extra water, because it causes a fortune away from him.

Well, now how do I find out if we need air or not? First, of the Zodiac (year of birth). Those silly fire or their contents, namely the ber-shio, horses, goats, and the tiger would be benefitted. On the contrary that contain water, i.e. shio, rats, and dragons. Meanwhile, another Zodiac to say neutral.

Second, from the Moon was born. Those who were born in the month/spring (March and April) and the Moon/the summer (may, June, and July) better luck, since it requires water to compensate. As for those who are born in the season where many elements of water, that is, November, December and January, is considered to be disadvantaged because it already has a lot of water. 2012 an abundance of water became a year of many an obstacle. Meanwhile, a calculation based on day/date of birth is somewhat hard to put forth here, as it must be converted to calendar/Imlek Hsia first.

Third, the hour of birth. Those who were born in the morning and afternoon has a lot of Wood and fire. Therefore, the year 2012, which contain many elements of water, will be a blessing and sustenance. On the contrary, those born at night, between the hours of 9: 00 to 03: 00 early morning has many elements of water, so this year for those less fortunate.

By knowing the rules above, then we can compute quickly, if we’re lucky or unfortunate face a year of the Dragon of water. For example, if a person born on February 9, 1969 12: 00 hours will be lucky?

The answer is as follows: 1969 is the year of the chicken (according to Hsia Calendar) and the year of the monkey (according to Lunar Calendar). Good Chicken or Monkey is shio’s hap (accord) with the Dragons.

From the year of birth, it is definitely there is a siding to the factor of luck himself. The Month Of February

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