Mercedes-Benz Will Increase His Production

Daimler AG plans to raise production capacity Mercedes-Benz doubled to 2.7 million units in the year 2020, and ambition is to become the largest manufacturer of premium vehicles in the world.

The business magazine Manager Magazin, Germany, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, said, it plans to build a new factory in China, the United States (U.S.) and Mexico to achieve sales targets. Daimler AG sought to be a big rival BMW and displacing weighs on the upcoming Audi by 2020.

In 2011 and then Mercedes-Benz reached a total of 1.26 million unit sales, or 120,000 fewer than BMW’s achievements. Manager Magazin also quoted sources at Daimler, which is to say, car manufacturers are also targeting operational margin of over 10 per cent by 2020.

In the year 2017 or 2018, a new factory in North America will begin creating a new breed of A-Class together with strategic partners Nissan. For the year 2015, Mercedes-Benz targets and seeks to retain as many as 1.6 million unit sales. Since its introduction, PRE-SAFE has been expanded to additional Mercedes models and the original technology is constantly being tweaked and improved upon.

New technology being developed by Mercedes includes the development of a radar sensor to track vehicles running a red light and slamming into your car. Once this technology has been readied, it will take the PRE-SAFE system one step further and offer occupants one more way to avoid serious injury.

Daimler Trucks also wants an increase in operating margin by 10 percent by 2020, beating rival from Sweden, Volvo. To meet these targets, Daimler Trucks divisions will control fully over the truckmaker Kamaz Russia. Daimler alone has 11 percent stake in Kamaz.

Introduced with select Mercedes models in 2003, the PRE-SAFE system automatically kicks in moments before a collision. All it takes is a panic stop or a skid and the system is set in motion; here is what occupants can expect moments before a crash occurs:

Snug in place. Passenger seat belts automatically tighten to prepare occupants for a crash.Snug in place, part two. Along with the seat belts, air cushions on the sides of the seats inflate to keep people in position.

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