Wonders of Newly FDA Approved Drug Zolpimist

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Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the sleeping drug oral spray Zolpimist. It is a prescription drug, so only your doctor can prescribe it for you in case you need a strong medication as a sleeping aid. For those of you unfamiliar with the know how of sleeping drugs here is some information regarding this drug.

Zolpimist contains the active ingredient called Zolpidem Tartrate. This ingredient helps to fall asleep during short term treatment of insomnia.  Patients with long term treatment of insomnia should not try to take this medication.  It is best to consult with your doctor or specialist to check if taking the drug has any side affects for your particular condition.  Every person is unique and different medications affect every person differently. 

The drug Zolpimist’s active ingredient “Zolpidem” targets the specific receptor areas in the brain to bring about sleep for sleep deprived patients without affecting any other senses of the brain.  Since your sleep area of the brain is in an area where other senses of your body live, it is hard for other types of medications to target only the sleep area in particular.  So far Zolpidem is the only chemical which has shown success in targeting the specific sleep receptor.

The oral spray of Zolpimist works faster than the oral tablets taken for the same purpose and is as potent in its affects.  The same precautions should be observed for this drug as taken for any sleeping pills. According to the manufacturer NovaDel Pharma Inc. the most common side effects from the drug were sleepiness, headaches and dizziness. 


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