Childhood And Friends

Childhood, and the friends that come out of it… whether they be real or not. A Fictional Piece.

 “So… what do you want to do?”

 I was tired. I lay on the couch, stretching my hands behind me as I plopped down. I knew he could hear me. He was trying to ignore me but I knew he was listening. I could see his dark figure hiding behind the opened door. It was a tight squeeze between the door and the wall but he seemed to fit in nicely, hidden to the untrained eye. But I knew better. He was always hiding and playing games. Sometimes he’d scare me by popping out from behind where he was hidden while shouting. Other times, when I couldn’t find him, he’d whisper strange things. At first it was frightening. I had gotten use to it now though. I usually could guess where he’d be.

“Are you going to come out or what? I’m bored”

He had no choice but to do it. His cover was blown. There was no point in looking foolish hiding behind a door. It was just plain silly now.

“You found me this time.” He came out of his spot, grinning wildly as he walked over to the couch, sitting on the thick arm by my feet. He was pleased with himself. Even though I hadn’t been fooled by him, he acted like he had won. I thought he was strange.

“So what do you want to do? Instead of just to acting like a child, why don’t we do something fun?” I grabbed my long hair that lay on my shoulder, twirling it around, only stopping when I found a split end I could fix.

“But I am a child.” He continued to sit with his dumb grin. “Why don’t we watch some TV? Or do you want to play cards? I like crazy eights. I’m quite good at it too.”

I studied his face while he looked at me, waiting for my approval of the game, “Alright. I like that game. But first I think we should introduce ourselves. My mother always says to introduce myself when meeting someone new.”

“Introduce? I always see you though. There’s nothing new to it!” He fell forwards to the floor, crawling on his hands and knees to the coffee table where a deck of cards sat. They were left by my grandpa when he visited last week.


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