Your Website Design: The Basics

As you build your small business website, there are several points to keep in mind.

As a basic, visitors to your page are likely to stay longer if your pages are easy on the eyes and also easy to navigate. Oppositely, a website that is too flashy, disorganized, rubbish, unprofessional and unattractive will drive visitors away.

When he lands on your page and is not pleased with what he initially sees, , he’ll be out of there very quickly. And 99% of the time, he will never come back.

Website design is very important and compulsory for everyone who wants to stand in this competitive internet world and make his small business website serve the very reason why the page is built in the first place. A well-designed website will better help communicate effectively to its visitors, increasing your chance to send your message across and introduce your products or services.

Avoid plenty of links and banners on your webpage. These could be very distracting to the view. Double and triple column web pages divide the reader’s attention. There should be a clear path through your web page from beginning to end. A properly designed website will make any visitor go exactly where you wish him to go. It uses a specific headline and place important information in a prominent location so that the visitor will see it as he or she lands on the web page, and can easily find his way around.

Light design

Your most important information need to be made available as text. Images, flash animation and JavaScript will take longer to load and may not be displayed properly on some browsers and internet connection.

Use proper colors

Some website design colors can strain the eyes and do not make navigation easy and pleasant. Do not place light colored text on darker background. The background color should be lighter than the text to make it easy to read. The color combination should be fitting and pleasant to look at. The text should be of proper font size to make it easy to read. If your website has the wrong use of colors, it will discourage your visitors from returning.

Easy to navigate

Always design your web design from the user’s perspective – – – not just by your own favorites. Put yourself in the place of a website visitor and ask yourself what kind of websites you would like to see or not to see. Multiple pages should be easy to access by all visitors. There are specific website design programs that offer simple, efficient and good looking navigational bars.

A professional web designer is aware of the different tips and tricks on how make the website look professional and user-friendly. Hiring one will make sure that your website appears professional and all of the links are working. If you are planning to use images for your business website, make sure that it is not too large, but again, your web developer can give you better input. If you have great ideas yourself, a website designer can take that idea, add his expertise and helpful advises, and make something wonderful out of it.

With the help of a website designer, your website will not only look appealing, professional and user-friendly, but it will also have greater chances of making sales from your visitors.

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