How To Choose Good Revenue Sharing Sites

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There are writers who are not interested in creating a website or blog to be posting their articles and so they want to stick to revenue sharing sites to be posting their articles and be sharing ads revenue with site owners.

Before you finally pick a revenue sharing site to post your articles, there are two factors you need to consider in order to be successful so that you don’t just waste you effort.

Page ranking: This is very important. A lot of people normally pick a revenue sharing site and start posting their articles without checking the page rank of the site. Do not make this mistake; if the site you have chosen does not rank well or does not rank at all in search engines, you will just be wasting your effort because people will hardly find your articles to read. I usually see many people posting their articles to these types of sites although, all sites would tell you they rank well in search engine but it is your duty to check this out yourself and be sure before you sign up and start posting your articles.

Revenue sharing %: Another thing you should consider is the percentage that you will get from the ads revenue. Some of the sites give 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 and 100%. Most sites that give you more than 65% will have text link ads on your articles to generate more revenue for them. You have no share from the money made from the text link ads but the main problem is that, text links ads can make your whole article to look so rough and spammy since the key words in your article would get underlined and colored. If you don’t want your article to look too rough and spammy, you have to go for less than 65% share or go for more than 65% if your main desire is to make more money.

If a site is giving out 100% share and the site does not rank in search engine, it will be hard for you to make the money. It is even better to go for sites that offer lower than 65% and rank well in search engine. If you still search very well, you will see sites that offer up to 100% share and still rank well but note that your article will look rough with text link ads.


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