Bulk Sms – Low Cost Communication & Marketing Platform

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What do television, radio, newspaper, mobile phones and hoardings have in common. Well, they are all marketing platforms. Each of these avenues, have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of these options are costly while some have limits in terms of reach; there are still others that require time and enormous amounts of creativity to develop a decent marketing AD.

However, mobile space is one such avenue which does not have any of the above mentioned disadvantages. On the contrary with the explosion of mobile phone users around the world, mobile marketing is set for an equally explosive growth. Mobile marketing typically exploits the SMS feature of a mobile device. Marketers send thousands of text based AD campaigns to opt-in customers with just a click of the mouse button.  

The task is accomplished with the help of SMS gateway which allows you to send customized messages to a large number of people. Mass messages are generally sent with the help of software called “Bulk SMS Sender” program.

The above mentioned program allows marketers to send messages from PC, website, spreadsheet or email. Mentioned below are some of the salient features of this program.

1. It is a cost effective solution; reduces marketing costs and also saves money on the telecommunication front, allowing your employees to send low cost SMS to clients rather than calling them.

2. It also provides a two way communication facility. When your clients respond to your SMS, the message is typically routed to your email address.

Bulk SMS programs are simple to operate and provide marketers with an intuitive interface. The process of sending marketing campaigns is also simple. Marketers simply need to compose an eye catching text based AD, select the recipients and click on the send button. The “type” of recipients that you select is yet another feature which comes in handy. You can filter recipients based on age, location, gender, personal tastes, which allow marketers to target customers who are sure to respond. Conversion rates rise significantly when filtered strategy is adopted.

So what is conversion rate? It is the ratio of opened versus unopened SMS.

Bulk SMS programs utilize SMS gateway to accomplish the above mentioned task which is provided by SMS Gateway Provider.

SMS gateway providers enter into agreement with mobile companies for exploiting their SMS gateway. Once the rights are issued to them, these providers create a trendy front end (SMS Software) and offer them to marketing companies. Mentioned below are some of the application areas of mass messaging system or bulk SMS software.

1. It can be used for new product or service launches. You can also send product news and updates.

2. Banks, insurance companies and stock brokers can utilize this platform to send regular alerts to their customers.

3. Companies can provide on demand services such as weather details, travel and ticketing solutions, educational services etc.

4. Companies can run various competitions and voting services via this platform.

5. It can also be used as a basic communication tool at workplaces.


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