Aston Kutcher, Demi Moore, And Open Marriage

Some time ago I read an article in the newspaper of the capital, about the fate of the continuity of marriage Aston Kucher and Demi Moore, who are on the fence because Kucher having an affair with another woman. From the article mentioned that they both are adherents of an open marriage, marriage is legalized (agreement between both parties) to cheat or have sex with other people.

Open Marriage

Open marriage is a marriage model that emerged in the 60s, and became famous after a book that appeared in 1972, titled Open Marriage by Nena and George O’Neil ONeal. Open marriage is said to arise because there are two interests: social and personal. When a man takes a pair of wedlock to social status, then they would get married for the sake of it, but they are still able to fulfill his personal desire, affair, with sexual intercourse with another person, provided honest and open. So honesty in this model is very valuable and allowed an open affair.

Open cheating and corruption

The trend today raises openness. In Israel there are a bunch of naked women, as an act of defending the Egyptian woman naked on the internet. In Indonesia, there is the concept of open cheating, which legalized cheating businesses, even those who want to cheat ostracized ga. In countries with high corruption, rampant corruption opened, conducted by a group of residents of certain institutions, and rated as the cohesiveness of the team that must be upheld. Rob rob terbukapun rampant, in front of crowds bang!, In front of the crowd dancing in the neck sickles.

Openness Sensation

Openness in today’s trend has spread uncontrollably. At the start of the struggle of the people creating clean government honest and open, openness has now spread in other parts of human life. Openness is always aiming for the correction, now a sensation. Whatever you want each individual may be made from the open, like corruption, cheating, naked, and so forth may be. Other people should not protest, guwe-guwe, acclaim. Noram oriental and religion that were used as controls defeated by openness, an important ga hypocritical, he said.

Disclosure of the more open when no one cares, when people are lazy to think of others, when no one wants to fix. Then came the parties in the name of truth-seekers. Sabet here and there, unloading here and there, catching here and there, there gebuk here. However, still it all goes, vigilantism is still running, nothing prevents, no one cares, the evidence is still lasting. Everything is more difficult to stop, already scarred as bawdy tangled threads.

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