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In today’s busy world women juggle a full time job, running a family in addition to trying to squeeze in time for themselves. But recent research says that women are getting conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as a good healthy diet and daily workout sessions to improve their body and energy levels. The type of workout isn’t just going to the gym, but nowadays ranges from an assortment of classes from yoga, Pilates all the way to pole dancing. All of these physical activities demand a wide range of movement and stretching and a as a result womens workout clothes should be specially made.

Womens workout clothes should always be comfortable and fitting so that they enhance, not hider, your workout experience. They should be stretchable enough so that they allow for a full range of flexibility and range of movement. Moreover they should be lightweight and breathable to wick away sweat and keep the body free from odor. But now-a-days the purpose of yoga gear and accessories are not only functional but also a style statement. Thanks to the different manufacturing companies, who have kept this need of modern women in mind and have produced huge collections of designs in the yoga gear and accessories section.

In you will find a wide variety of designs in yoga pants for women and yoga tops for women. In you will get tank tops, capris, pants, shorts, jackets, pullovers, matching headwear and scarves. Most items are made from organic materials from organic cotton, bamboo, and soy along with most of the brands being manufactured in the USA. Along with your clothing, you can also find specialized yoga mats from Manduka and YogiToes. Evolvefitwear specializes in  yoga pants for women and yoga tops of the top brands made in the USA and from organic, sustainable materials. Brands include HYDE, Spiritual Gangster, Pink Lotus, Omgirl, Our Love Yoga, GGO-Bamboo, Prana, Soybu, Tyoga and even Sandra McCray. Evolve Fit Wear is adding a new “plus” section that specializes in XL, XXL and XXXL along with the standard sizes of extra small to extra large with options such as petite, short or tall options available to choose from.

Evolvefitwear gives you the option of free shipping if you purchase anything above $150 and If for any reason you don’t like your clothing, you can get an exchange or refund within 60 days.  Five percent of your purchase is donated to a charitable cause that revolves every couple of months. With so many top athletic and yoga brands to choose from, along with top notch customer service, Evolve Fit Wear is a destination site to get all of your athletic clothing and accessories.

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