The Current State of Triond

I have been a member of Triond since the mid 2010 and i was doing fine there before google’s panda update.Because of that i have lost 18 articles from the web and what worse is that all of them is from triond.

Anyway,things have been changed since then and you might notice that articles some triond articles are started appearing on the first page of google for certain keywords.This was not been a case few months ago.

Many writers have really a hard time out there as it is not easy to get on first page of google from triond.Google things many of the spam articles are coming from this site and as a result triond might be the biggest victim of the google’s panda update.

Another reason that google did not like triond is because of their forum.For me,it was the most horrible section in this site.The forum had full of spams,sexual abuse of the female writers and also some illegal contents.This is purely because their forum is being unmoderated as we all know triond uses to interact with the members.

But since they decided to close the forum,things are started to happen with triond again.I am not writing for triond currently anymore but getting the royalties from my 200 previously published articles.

I am talking about change because in january i get $25 compared to my September and October earings which was really low about $3 and $2.5 respectively.You can see the change as its showing in number.

I also have my 12 articles on the first page of google and 20 in the second page(hopeing to see them on the first page in the next few months).Most of them are tech and business related as i consider myself as a technoholic.

I have also noticed that some old members who have stopped writing in the site,has started writing again.That’s a really good news for triond as their old members are coming back.I think they also feel the change like me and started writing again.

Hope to see triond back on top again where it was some time ago.

If you are not a member of triond,join this wonderful community to gain exposure and earn royalties.

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