10 Worst Bollwood Movies of 2011

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10. RA-ONE: Although a big budget blockbuster, Ra-one failed to deliver us a promissing plot. Shahrukh played his
part honestly though G-one was not behaving accordingly what is was, by dancing, smiling thoroughly and falling in
love. Kareena looked glamouristic and beautiful in her dance numbers but acting wise, a zero. The movie was released
for general audience but I never found it appropriate for childrens due to cheap double meaning jokes and lots of skin
exposure in the dance numbers. Special effects worked well but still some action looked cheesy and illogical. Overall the
movie is a big budget disaster.

9. READY: Well, salman is someone whose presense can make a movie blockbuster without a script. Thats what happened here.
This plotless and disgustingly funny film turns a headache when it reaches the end. The stupid humor, lack of story a
and overlly acted performance by the leads makes this movie awfull.

8. AARAKSHAN: It looked amazing when the trailors hit the screens. With great cast like amitabh bachan and saif ali khan,
The film deals with its main plot i.e. caste-based reservations on educational system and some politics. First half managed
to get through but it failed at the second half. Performances maybe good but the deathly boring script makes it sleep
inducing drama.

7. DOUBLE DHAMAAL: Hollywood thoroughly inspired Bollywood to make sequels, in this case, an unnecessary sequels. Double
Dhamaal would make you laugh for some instance but not that much what you expected. The movie is mindless and total nonsense.
If you are looking for good comedy dont ever think about this. It would waste your two hours with no reason and hint you a next

6. THANKYOU: Thank You is about three married men trying to have some fun outside their marriage. Aren’t we familiar with this?
Ya, but you have to watch it again with new a irritating cast which includes akshay kumar, bobby deol, irrfan and sunil. The
ladies worked well by giving their most disgusting performance of all time especially sonam kapoor. If you are having a
good day, skip this or worst day, watch it and get angry.

5. RASCALS: Well, another waste of time in the name of comedy. I mean how could anyone be so mean and pathetic to make this
kind of movie. First of, its plotless, second no acting, stupid dialogues said with great confidence and robbed some comedy
elements from hollywood. At last, what we get, a FAILURE! Kangna ranaut was never a good actress but just a eye candy.

4. MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN: Now, whose brother in this world tells his younger brother to find a bride for him. Is he such a dumb.
Even if anyone, whose younger brother takes it as mission and starts looking for it and ya, on the streets. This is the most
stupidest film I have ever seen. The story already failed but in terms of acting, nothing works here. Katrina kaif was trying
her best only to deliver a disgusting performance. Overall, this movie is again a dissapointing yash raj film.

3. RAGINI MMS: Another trash, I would like to say. Heavily inspired from the blair witch project and paranormal activity, and its
film-making style. The movie is illogical and the marathi speaking ghost seems funny sometimes.It doesnt scares you but waste
your time almost two hours. Overall, BORING!

2. HAUNTED 3D: Well, India’s first 3d film turned out to be most stupid and courageous attempt. The most amazing thing of this
movie is that the story is quite funny and stupid. First, the lead is a time traveller, he goes into the past, witness whats the
hidden matter and then back to the future. The next time, he goes back to past to make it right. So silly. The ghost is such
a pervert, he rapes the actress after his death thats what his real motive is. Secondly, the painful and unnecessary 3d makes
it unwatchable. Overall its a junk ride but I laughed a lot watching this.

1. F.A.L.T.U: And the number one on the list is the King of all nonsense F.A.L.T.U. Remake of hollywood movie ‘Accepted’ is
unbearable in all terms. The movie is so painful that its two hour running time never ends. Its like an april fools joke for
the audience and was also released on 1st april 2011. Nevertheless, horrible and honest to its title, a faltu!

So, here was the list of 10 worst bollywood films of 2011. You can too share your opinions with me.


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