The Greatest Struggle Growing up a Muslim.

The greatest struggle of growing up a muslim

Is simply being a muslim

In a world where your constantly under scrutiny

Escaped injustice but I found misery

In the land of the free

Where practicing islam you have to plea

Beg, steal, and borrow a moment of time

Pressures of the earth weighing down like im inside of a mine

Longing for the break of sunlight

I continue to stand firm in my belief despite

This nation giving me the cold shoulder

Cause wisdom doesn’t necessarily come from getting older

But rather gaining knowledge makes you wise

When will they come to realize

That I am no different then they are

In the core of the night you cant distinguish the stars

Only the ones that shine brighter because of the content of there character

Hatred is the motivator but ignorance is the determining factor

Of why I can not be a Muslim in this melting pot

How dare you put a beloved peaceful religion on the spot.

Keep calling me a fundamentalist because you are not wrong

without knowing the fundamentals of Islam I wouldn’t be as strong

in wonderful religion to practice peace, love, and remain on the righteous path

because in order to be a good scientist or mathematician you have to know the fundamentals of science and math. 

I ask of you to stop instilling fear in the hearts of the people

A nation formed by killing the natives and now you tell me who’s evil

Please don’t misunderstand my words as hate for this revered country

Just a lot of frustration because they contradict lady liberty

Liberty for all it is said unless your muslim and from the middle east

But if I sat at your table and had a feast

We would appreciate our differences and enhance the love for all we have in common

Because by god a muslim, jew, and Christian to like the same thing is not uncommon

At the end of the day we all call this planet home

But if the capability arose I would be kicked out on my own

Left wandering like wind across the valley

Vast roads of freedom but im stuck in an alley

An outcast, a rebel without a cause

Who In the hell gave you the remote and put my life on pause.?

Now use that controller and rewind to the past

Observe and fast-forward to the present the same hatred still lasts.

History repeats itself unless we learn from their wrongs

life can be peaceful music, we just have to play the melody of love in our songs

stop allowing these corrupt politicians and media folk to sway our views on humanity

Working out our mentality

the perception of one another now that’s insanity.

Muslims being painted with the brush of racism

America the land of freedom, im suddenly suffering from the disease of skepticism.

Because how is it that a nun can where a scarf  and said she is righteously dressed.

But when a muslim sister covers up and wears one she is oppressed?

any other man can grow a beard and he falls into the realm of expressionism

But when a muslim brother grows a beard he falls into the realm of terrorism?

Tell me why a jewish person can wear a yamaka and its his religious right

But a muslim with a cofi on is ready to fight?

Man blows up a federal building with kids inside killing 168 and his name is timothy mcviegh.

Man kills 2 people and happens to be from the middle east and his name is the terrorist

Why is he heavily weighed?

So please forgive me if at times I question this so called Land of freedom and equality for all.

No opportunity for you if your name is Muhammad but many for you if your name is Paul.

Nevertheless we must continue to stand tall

Until there is equal representation for ALL

Muslims brothers and sisters combat evil with good, insults with compliments, and HATE WITH LOVE.

Have sincerity in the intentions of all righteous deeds so that the mercy of ALLAH showers down from above.

Prove to the wrong that Islam is a religion of mercy and peace

That was sent to put humanity at ease.

 As the prophet (pbuh) said I have been sent only as mercy for all mankind

let us follow his footsteps so happiness the world can finally find. 

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