3 Tips to Get Jobs For Felons – Easy Ways to Impress Job Interviews For Felons

Jobs for felons may be a big challenge to find because most companies take their background checks seriously. It may seem unfair for those ex-offenders who have gotten clean and are now looking for jobs for felons to turn their lives around completely, but this is just how the work force goes.

Jobs for felons may be difficult to score but they are sure out there. With a little help in job search education for felons and a bagful of tips and tricks, you can get that job you want and need that will truly start a new beginning in your life. Here are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind while looking for jobs for felons. Make a mental note or two and start pulling all the stops that matter today.

1. Write your resume in a way that helps you get jobs for felons. Remember that negative information is always a red flag for hiring managers so writing your resume can get tricky. However, you still want to be truthful in what you put in so the trick is to be clever in writing it to get a shot at jobs for felons. Instead of confessing your sins, accentuating your weaknesses, or worst, lying about yourself, make your resume future oriented and employer centered. Reserve the information about your conviction for the job interview because if you add that to your resume, the hiring manager might not even get you a chance for an interview. Instead focus your resume on what you can do for the company; what skills you have that will benefit them, and how eager you are to be the next biggest asset for their company.

2. Avoid the chronological resume format – Your resume is your introduction to the hiring manager so the last thing you want is for your resume to highlight you in a negative way. To score jobs for felons, avoid the chronological format of the resume as it tends to highlight employment gaps and a lack of experience. A functional resume or a hybrid resume is your best friend in seeking jobs for felons, not the one focused on dates and employers because they do not help at all. You want a type of resume that highlights your competencies, personal qualities, and skills related to the jobs for felons you are after and certainly not your weaknesses.

3. Use your words carefully in seeking jobs for felons. Again, prison terms are red flags so if you want to get jobs for felons, you may want to go around your words carefully. It does not mean you have to lie or embellish the truth to get jobs for felons, you are merely saying it in a softer way to increase your shot at jobs for felons. For example, most prisons provide training programs for offenders to give them something to work with once they are released. If you have gotten sufficient education or training from prison and you want to state that in your jobs for felons resume, say it in such a way that does not connote negativity. Saying that you worked at the “New Jersey State Prison” is definitely more horrible than simply saying you worked for the “State of New Jersey.” The first one automatically takes you out of the running for jobs for felons while the second one can definitely earn you a job for felons interview.

Doing these little things can make your hunt for job felons easier and definitely more productive so keep at it because something has got to give in due time!

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