The Story Behind Rhythmchic

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RhythmChic began several years ago when I was designing my stage outfits and jewelry. Many people ask me what is a Rhythm Chic and what is the back story to our company name RhythmChic…

Well, it began back when I was in Junior High you know, when you first start taking music classes and things like that.

I loved the drums and so I wanted to play the drums but they wouldn’t let me because I was a female. (laughs). I am sure a lot of you girls out there have had similar experiences like that.

Anyway, because of my ambeture, they put me on trumpet which was the last instrument I wanted to play. But I went ahead a learned to play it because I wanted to learn music – because music was important to me. I went through High School in music, almost graduated with a major in music during my college years. I even did some voice, but the drums were still deep in here, in my heart.

Then I started playing in some bands. I was playing light percussion instruments like small shakers, tambourine and I actually got quite good on a tambourine. I played in different bands over the years. I’ve played in a country band, I’ve played in a rock band, and I’ve played in a contemporary Christian band. I’ve played in a funk band, so I’ve done several things musically and have loved them all equally. But the percussion thing just kept coming back.

After college, I started picking up other instruments like congas and djemba’s and what I call the sweetening toys. It’s kind of to me the unspoken instrument. They are there but you may not know that they are there until you really listen to the song or the music.

Now that I am older, the dream of playing drums of any kind when I was younger has materialized . And so I like to tell people, it’s the journey that you go through to get to where you are going to.

In the last band I was in I was always introduced as “The Rhythm Chic”. “… and back on our percussion is our Rhythm Chic” and the name kind of stuck. People started asking me where I got the clothes and jewelry I was wearing on stage. And they were things that I had designed and created to wear on stage for myself and so my husband said we need to launch a product line with this.

And so that’s how we birthed the RhythmChic line. And so to me, the Rhythm Chic is the person, the women, the girl, the baby who sits and bounces in their high chair or crib, to be the person that they were created to be. Every person is created to be an individual. If we were all alike it would be boring. But it’s to be who you are and who God made you to be. To walk to your own drum so to speak.

So that’s what birthed the RhythmChic line. We have a saying here at RhythmChic and that is “Because Every Girl Has Rhythm”. We all have rhythm. So find yours. Find what you’ve been created to be. And it’s not just one thing. It’s more than one. And it may come and go in different ways. There’s a season for everything. So understand the season you are in and walk through that season with grace and walk through it with your own rhythm.

So what’s your rhythm?


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