How to Break Password in Winrar

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Winrar no other function or functions similar to Winzip to compress the file, just the same file extension. Winrar also has a facility similar to Winzip, ie the password facility.
# How to Provide password in Winrar
Winrar that will be used is version 3.71 or earlier, you can download through the site: Here are the steps to provide a password in Winrar.
1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Prepare a file or folder you want to try to compress with Winrar.
3. Right-click on the folder you want to Zip, select Add to Archive.
4. Once selected the dialog box will appear Archive name and parameters, select the Advanced tab, then select Set Password icon again.
5. On Archiving with password dialog box, enter the password you mean by typing in the city Enter the password that are available, proceed also by typing the same password in the Reenter the password for verification. In this example does not use long passwords, to shorten the time course.
6. If so, just click OK.
7. Click OK again, the next will occur the compression process.
8. If you untarred, will automatically appear the request password first.
# How to break password in Winrar
Tool we can use to unload the password in Winrar is “RAR Password Recovery”, the file size is not too big. You can download it from the site:, order some of the features in this software can be used then you need to find crack and keygen her first in http://crack-/ to be able to freely use features that have them.
Here are the steps how to use it after installed toolnya:
1. Click the icon to open RAR Password Recovery dialog box to select the zip file that has been given a password.
2. In the Open dialog box, select the files that you compress using Winrar (the form of stacked books icon).
3. Then click Open.
4. Characters Allowed in the options, select All printable symbols, this option is selected to determine all the possible characters entered. As for the type of attact, select Brute Force (trying all possibilities).
5. Followed by selecting Password Length, Minimum Length to select 3 characters, while for the Maximal Length, select the fifth character.
6. Finally, in the Advanced Options on the options from the Start, type abc. For other options for you are not currently set.
7. Continue by clicking the Start button.
8. A few moments later, the Password dialog box recovered, the password is to be found in the Password option.
9. Now you try to extract the file and enter the password that has been obtained earlier. If right after charging, then it works to break down


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