MS Excel Tips – How To Create A Watermark In Excel

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You can however mimic a water mark, by placing a transparent image in the header or footer can approximate a water mark for you. If the image exceeds the height of the header or footer area which it is placed into then it will fall behind the text on your work sheets. It is quick and easy to achieve this.

  1. Open the work book you want to insert the water mark into – make sure only one work sheet is selected

  2. Insert Tab

  3. Text Group

  4. Header and Footer

  5. Header- select either centre, left or right

  6. Design tab of the Header and Footer elements

  7. Select Picture and find the picture you want

  8. Double click the picture to insert it into he header section

  9. To resize or scale the picture, click Format Picture in the Header & Footer elements group, and then, in the Format Picture dialog box, select the options that you want on the Size tab

The above inserts a water mark style picture. Nice. Please note this type ‘Water Mark’ will print on your documents you can only actually view or see them on your print preview.

Any changes to your picture or picture format are immediate and cannot be undone. You will need to replace the picture. This is easily done by select &[Picture], hit Picture, replace.

Should you want to insert a space above or below a picture in the header and footer, in the header selection box that contains the picture, click before or after &[Picture], and then press ENTER to start a new line.

You may alternatively just want some text like Confidential or Draft to be inserted into your work book. This is done using the WordArt feature in Excel.

  1. Select Insert Tab -> WordArt (in Text Group)

  2. Select a style from WordArt gallery.

  3. Type Draft or Confidential, whatever you want as the water mark

  4. Drawing Tools Ribbon- Select Format

  5. Word Art Group – Text Fill

  6. No Fill

  7. Text Outline in WordArt Group

  8. Automatic or choose a lighter colour for more transparency

  9. Rotate in place wherever you like on the page diagonally etc

  10. Drawing Tools Ribbon – Select Format

  11. Arrange – send to back

Either option will give you desired ‘water mark; type results in Excel.



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