Dressing Tips to Look Higher, It Simple Tips

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Having a small body may be menilmbulkan less confident. Seeing the ad model or photo model high can make you feel you can not look pretty. Actually this opinion is wrong, because by knowing the tricks to dress right, you who have a short body can disguise the weakness of your posture.

High Visible Tip

For those of you who have little body or height is not too high but would like to be more confident, you can make the body look taller. To make the body seem high, some of these fashion tips you can do.

Do not use a skirt or pants that are too long

It can make you look deep in your clothes so that more and make you look shorter. For trousers, the maximum length is not passed right footwear that will be used. If you want to use a skirt, choose skirts that are knee-length skirts or use to make your legs look long.

Selecting superiors and subordinates with matching color

By using the superiors and subordinates whose color matching will be difficult to see the boundary between the upper and lower body, the result of your body will look taller.

Use clothing with a pattern of vertical

Clothes with vertical lines have long been known to make the body look long and slim. This effect is you’ll get when you apply it to superiors or subordinates. When going to use superiors or subordinates should choose a small patterned, for example, small flowers, small spheres, and other motifs.

Use clothing with a dark color

Using a dark-colored clothing will make you look taller and bonus of the body look slimmer because dark colors absorb light.

Select Model Match Tops

For clothing boss, you can choose tops with V neck berbetuk that will make the neck look more level and upper body look taller. You can also enter your boss into the pants or skirt so that the legs look longer. If you want to use a jacket or coat, short beukuran should be selected so that your upper body look taller. Can also use the clothing that the material is light and fluffy so that the body does not look stiff.

Select the appropriate Underwear Model

Besides should not use pants that are too long, there are some models that can membut pants legs look short, for example, capri, baggy, or cut bray that will make people focus on your legs so the legs look shorter. A good use is to use a pair of straight model.

Select a Model to Fit Skirt

Your legs look taller, you can use the skirt with high waist, this applies also to a pair who want to use.

Use the Right Accessories

If you want to use the accessories on the neck, be aware that tidk using excessive or too much so that the neck covered with accessories. If you want to use a belt, preferably using a thin belt that borders the upper body and lower limits are not clearly visible. To give an impression of height, you can also use accessories such as shoes, earrings, bags, or other accessories with matching color.

Shoes high heels

Shoes with high heels (high heels) is one powerful way to add height. However, note also the situation when using the right shoes for your feet do not become victims because too long wore these shoes are not good for health.

You too can be creative with mix and match clothes suit your style so you can still express yourself with clothes. It does not mean that little body can not look fashionable and attractive. With the right clothes tricks, you can cover it up and look taller.


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