How To Shown Casual With Jeans?

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Denim or jeans are often used as material for pants and has been known since the 18th century. Jeans are never out of date and is still a favorite of many people. Not only on campus, jeans are also often used as permitted employees to work using casual clothing. You may be one of his lovers jeans and often use it in everyday life. To still look fashionable, choice of models to suit your body shape is very important.

Origin of Jeans

At the beginning of creation, in 1873, Levi Strauss made denim pants (or people often refer to jeans) as pants for plantation workers. Since work on the trees and bushes, trousers worn by workers are often torn. For this reason, a pair of Levi’s make a thicker material that is not easily torn pants.

Material that is what is now known as jeans that begins with the Levis brand. Then some early brand jeans began to appear like Lee and Wrangler.

Own jeans became popular among the young in the 1950s. Currently there are many different brands and jeans. In addition, a variety of denim colors are also available, from classic blue color known as blue jeans, to the other colors like black, brown and even white.

Jeans themselves come from the city of Genoa in Italy where cotton cloth is made. Genoa or often spelled into “Jene” in Middle English. While writing in the Indonesian language that is true jeans.

 Pants Jeans Model

Wearing jeans, make the wearer look casual. Various models of jeans can you choose to accompany your appearance. Choice of an appropriate model will make you look attractive. What models are there and that is right for your body?

Straight Cut Jeans

Is a straight-cut jeans on the legs. Underwear model is perfect for users who are not high enough because this model will make the legs look longer, so you’ll look taller. Underwear model can also suggest to you that have a slim little body fat.

Skinny Jeans

Pants are cut tight jeans and has narrowed to ankle. Is one model that favored women. For your petite skinny pants can choose the model as an option because it can make the body look more filled. But, if you have big hips should not wear skinny jeans model because it makes your hips look bigger.

Boot Cut Jeans

Jeans model pieces are cut slightly wider at the bottom. Models are suitable for all forms of body and will make the body at the waist and curvy hips.

Cut Classic Jeans

Commonly known as baggy pants. Underwear model has a high cut at the waist and baggy in the thigh but small in the legs. Because of the impression member, underwear model is suitable for your petite.

Flare Jeans

Newfangled flare pants have a characteristic width on the bottom and cut loose. May be an option for users were thin. But since the width at the bottom, this model becomes less suitable for the user who was not high enough because it can draw attention to the legs and make legs look shorter.


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